Logo-EE 40 Energy Condenser is a part of the Equivalent Exchange mod.


Energy Condenser
Block Energy Condenser
Type Machine
Physics Yes
Tool Grid Wooden Pickaxe
Stackable No
EMC Value 42,011
Mod Included Equivalent Exchange

The Energy Condenser is a very useful object added by the Equivalent Exchange mod. It behaves in a way similar to the Transmutation Tablet, but is able to be made automatic. You put one target item in the spot on the upper left hand corner, and if the Condenser is hooked up to Energy Collectors, whether through Antimatter Relays or just the Energy Collector is next to it, the EMC from those collectors goes towards reproducing items from nothing.

Be warned, this is more of a trash compactor than a chest! Dropping an item you want stored in here will make it disappear almost instantly, and it will not teach the item to your Condenser.

When the condenser has an item target, it will consume any item that has an EMC value that is not its target, and will convert, and store, the gained EMC until the target can be made.

Condensers are very useful as the output location of a Quarry. You'll still have to use a Macerator or furnace for some of the ores but all of the cobblestone/coal/marble/basalt/obsidian/gems/dirt will be converted so you won't run out of space.

Energy Condensers can hold a maximum of 10 million EMC per Condenser. And along with that, Energy Condensers themselves can be replicated to make more than one. Their EMC value is 42,011.

Crafting RecipeEdit

Crafting GUI.png





Alchemical Chest





Energy Condenser

Video Tutorial Edit

Minecraft Technic Part 612:27

Minecraft Technic Part 6. Philosopher's Stone, Energy Condenser and Diamond Pipes!

Let's Play - Technic Pack with Adolamin - Ep 6 - Klein Star's and Energy Condenser's10:08

Let's Play - Technic Pack with Adolamin - Ep 6 - Klein Star's and Energy Condenser's

Added by AdolaminII

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