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Logo-EE 40 Energy Collector is a part of the Equivalent Exchange mod.
Energy Collector
Block Energy Collector Block Collector MK2 Block Collector MK3
Energy Collectors Mk. 1 through 3
Type Machine
Tool Grid Wooden Pickaxe
Stackable Yes
EMC Value 82,953 EMC (Mk.1)
232,969 EMC (Mk.2)
710,665 (Mk.3)
Mod Included Equivalent Exchange

The energy Collector uses light to create EMC which can then be used to upgrade one fuel type to another, exported to an Energy Condenser, or sent to an Antimatter Relay and used to charge a Klein Star. Contrary to popular belief, the EMC generation of an Energy Collector does not increase when charging an Antimatter Relay. Rather, the Relay creates its own EMC based on its tier and the number of Energy Collectors surrounding it. If only 1 machine is working (charging a Klein Star or upgrading fuel) all generated EMC is transferred to that machine. For example, a Klein Star in an Antimatter relay will charge using the EMC from each Energy Collector touching one of its six faces. Something in the Collector itself takes precedence over charging anything else. Energy Collectors are the prime route to beginning your Equivalent Exchange career. There are three different tiers of Energy Collector:

Class EMC/s Storage
MK1 4 10k
MK2 12 30k
MK3 40 60k

These Collectors collect energy at an increased pace as you upgrade them, and also discharge much quicker.


Energy Collector 2

The two columns on the left store fuel to be upgraded. It will cycle that fuel in automatically. The upgrade order is as follows:

Charcoal -> Redstone -> Coal -> Gunpowder -> Glowstone Dust -> Alchemical Coal -> Blaze Powder -> Glowstone Block -> Mobius Fuel -> Aeternalis Fuel

The lower right space is the fuel currently being upgraded. The far right space allows you to target a particular type of fuel that you want to upgrade to. For instance, drop Glowstone here if you only want it to upgrade to Glowstone and no further. Drop Aeternalis fuel here if you want to upgrade directly to Aeternalis fuel without going through the other types. The top right space is where the upgraded fuel goes.

The amount of EMC collected by each collector is as follows, measured in full sunlight averaged over 60 seconds. This output decreases in proportion to the decrease in light. The small square on the right shows the light level. When it's full, the Collector is at full efficiency. When it's fully dark, the Collector works at 1/16 efficiency. For each light level, it gains another 1/16 efficiency for a max light level of 15.


Mark I:

Mark II:

Mark III:


  • Glowstone blocks can be used to power all three versions of the Energy Collector. Unlike the solar panels from either RedPower or Industrialcraft, the Energy Collectors mistake Glowstone as sunlight and use its light, making for an energy farm that may work at night or underground.
  • If you insert an item that the collector cannot use, it will literally spit it out through its front panel (the little hole).
  • Note: These do not collect energy, but raw EMC.

Video TutorialEdit

Technic Tutorials 64 05:17

Technic Tutorials 64. Energy Collector

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