Logo railcraft 40 Energy Cart contains information about the Railcraft mod.
Energy Cart
Grid BatBox CartGrid MFE CartGrid MFSU Cart
Type Cart
Physics Yes
Luminance No
Stackable No
Mod Included Railcraft

The Energy Cart is a cart made specifically to be used with Industrial Craft. This cart can store EUs and transport them along the rail. There are three types of Energy Carts: BatBox, MFE Unit, and MFSU.

Each is crafted by placing the power storage device above a minecart in a crafting square, like so:

Bat Cart
Crafting GUI.png




MFE Cart
Crafting GUI.png

MFE Unit



MFS Cart
Crafting GUI.png

MFS Unit


MFS Cart

Each different type of cart will function the exact same as the power storage device, however power is transported to and from the cart using Energy Loaders and Energy Unloaders


  • The direction of the cart is dictated by the dot on the storage device.

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