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Electrolyzed Water Cells are the products of Electrolyzers when placed next to an MFE or MFSU.

They accept Water Cells and, depending on how full the Energy Storage Unit is, it will use transfer some of its total storage too. When the EU Storage Unit requires power, it will turn the Electrolyzed Water Cells back to Water Cells.

They are capable of absorbing 15,000 EU, or approximately 1.5 RE Batteries per cell. However, they lose 10% (1,500) EU, only giving off 13,500 EU.


Turning one stack of Water Cells into Electrolyzed Water Cells takes 15,000 * 64, or 960,000 EU, and gives off 864,000 EU; making Electrolyzed Water Cells a cheaper alternative to a Lapotron Crystal.

Electrolyzed Water Cells are most effectively utilized when powering the EU Storage Unit with redstone, thus only sending energy to the Electrolyzer when it is full of power.

Other types of cells include Coolants Cells , Water Cells and Uranium cells. These are the main ones, however there are more.

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