Logo-IC2 40 Electric Wrench contains information about the Industrial Craft mod.

The Electric Wrench is an upgrade to the IC Wrench. It is used to break machines, and does not degrade. When breaking a machine, it has a chance to give you a lower version of the block. You can set it to lossless (activated by holding 'm' and right-clicking) Wrench mode, so that it won't downgrade the blocks that it breaks, but costs more energy. It can be powered by a BatPack, as well as a LapPack.

Like the standard IC Wrench, the Electric Wrench can change what side of a storage unit is the output face. Using the Electric Wrench, right click the side of the Bat Box, MFE or other output device and that side will becomes the output. If you hold 'crouch' the side you have clicked will force the opposite side to become the output side.


Crafting GUI.png


Electronic Circuit




  • If a fully charged RE Battery is used instead of a dead one, the result is a fully charged Electric Wrench.

Video TutorialEdit

Minecraft Technic Part 12 Electric Tools, All Of Them!08:12

Minecraft Technic Part 12 Electric Tools, All Of Them!

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