Logo-IC2 40 Electric Hoe contains information about the Industrial Craft mod.

This is an improved version of the original hoe. The electric hoe runs on electricity - instead of using up a set durability before breaking, it'll use up an electronic charge. It can be charged in BatBoxes and other energy storage devices, as well as by batteries. It can be charged an infinite amount of times. For devices like batboxes, place the electric hoe in the empty top box, if there is energy stored in that device, it will charge the electric hoe.


Crafting GUI.png

Refined Iron

Refined Iron

Electronic Circuit

RE Battery

Electric Hoe

Vidoe TutorialEdit
Minecraft Technic Part 12 Electric Tools, All Of Them!08:12

Minecraft Technic Part 12 Electric Tools, All Of Them!

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