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Logo tutorial 40 EMC/EU Generator is a Tutorial.

If you want this to be an eu generator:

Start by placing an Energy Condenser and an Energy Collector (mk1) to produce netherrack. Hook up a Wooden Transport Pipe to the Condenser, followed by an advanced insertion pipe connected to a Magma Crucible.

2012-09-05 12.36.13

Don't forget to power the Crucible with BuildCraft engines. After this, hook up another wooden transport pipe to the advanced pipe, into a chest for overflow. Hook a waterproof wooden pipe from the crucible to a geothermal generator, then add wires connected to EU storage.    

If you want to make this into an emc generator do everything as above except change the overflow chest to an Energy Condenser making tin or iron. Pump the tin/iron to an Automatic Crafting Table making buckets. Pump out buckets into the Magma Crucible. Then use a normal wooden pipe to pump out buckets of lava. Connect a wooden pipe to the condenser that makes netherrack, put a advanced insertion pipe next to the condenser. Put a stone pipe next to the insertion pipe and a condenser (output).

  • Buckets won't pump into the Crucible if there is netherrack in it already.

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