Logo-IC2 40 Dynamite-O-Mote contains information about the Industrial Craft mod.

The Dynamite-O-Mote (also called the Dynamite Remote) can be used to remotely detonate one or more Dynamite sticks. This is performed by right-clicking on the stick while holding the Remote. If you do this, the "primed" dynamite stick will have a lighter-colored cap on top; this is so you can tell which sticks have been primed and which haven't.

Note that right-clicking with the remote while aiming at a block will NOT detonate the Dynamite, however, right-clicking into the air WILL detonate it, so don't make a wrong click!

It is possible to have several different Remotes assigned to different sets of Dynamite sticks.


Crafting GUI.png


Insulated Copper Cable

Lapis Lazuli



Dynamite Remote

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