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Logo-IC2 40 Dynamite contains information about the Industrial Craft mod.
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Not to be confused with Dynamite from the Weapon Mod

Dynamite is a smaller less explosive version of Industrial TNT. It is part of the Industrial Craft's mod. It is highly portable, and is more suitable for precision mining operations than its more destructive cousin. It is useful in that it can easily be made in large quantities relatively cheaply.


Right clicking whilst facing a block will place the Dynamite on the block. (Standard Dynamite cannot be stuck to walls or ceilings). Alternatively, dynamite can be thrown by right clicking. The dynamite will be set off as soon as it is thrown, but has a very short fuse. Sticky Dynamite can be placed anywhere and will stick to blocks of any orientation. It will also stick to any surface it is thrown at.


A Dynamite-O-Mote (Dynamite Remote) can be used to trigger one or more sticks of dynamite. Dynamite can be set to be triggered by right clicking on it with the remote (a lighter colored cap on the Dynamite will signify it has been 'connected' to the remote).

Once stick(s) of Dynamite have been primed by a remote, the player can right click while not looking at a block (into the air) to detonate it.


Dynamite is considerably weaker than Industrial TNT (itself weaker than Vanilla TNT). Using it for large-scale mining operations is not effective. However, it can be used for small-scale terrain altering or mining operations.

Dynamite has a worse effect on Mobs than it does on the player. This way it can be used as an effective defense against enemy Mobs by throwing or by the rigging of traps.


Dynamite(normal) Dynamite(sticky)

Dynamite-o-mote FreqTrans(used in remote recipe)

Crafting recipe


  • Different sticks of Dynamite are able to be 'connected' to different remotes.

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