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NOTE: These recipes are not in the current recommended Technic build. They are part of Thaumcraft, not Thaumcraft 2.

Distilled Essences from the Thaumcraft mod are mystical liquids created by extracting the magic essence of a variety of rare objects. The essence embodies everything that the original objects represent. It can be used to craft more advanced mystical objects. Note that the Thaumcraft mod treats the essences as uncommon objects. This means that you cannot replicate any essence in the Thaumic Duplicator.

Distilled Essences are created by combining the item in an infuser along with an empty Glass Bottle.

Distilled Souls Distilled Hate

Soul Sand

Glass Bottle

Distilled Souls



Glass Bottle

Distilled Hate

Distilled Emptiness Distilled Hunger

Ghast Tear

Glass Bottle

Distilled Emptiness


Unstable Arcane Singularity

Glass Bottle

Distilled Hunger

The Distilled Souls essence is necessary for the creation of the most basic version of the Traveling Trunk. You can infuse a basic Traveling Trunk with the other essences in order to produce more specialized versions with unique abilities. Note that the traveling trunk does not need the Distilled Souls to craft in thaumcraft 2 version and that those Distilled Essences are not in thaumcraft 2

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