Logo-IC2 40 Diamond Drill contains information about the Industrial Craft mod.

The Diamond Drill is an upgrade to the Mining Drill. It can mine through stone, dirt, sand, and ores very fast. It can receive energy from a BatPack, LapPack. It can be charged inside of a BatBox, MFE or MFSU. It can mine obsidian much faster than a Diamond Pickaxe.

Crafting the Diamond Drill gives you the "Valuable Upgrade" achievement.


Crafting GUI.png



Mining Drill


Diamond Drill


  • The Diamond Drill is faster than the Mining Drill, but it uses more energy.
  • If the drill runs out of power, it won't break. Instead, breaking objects with it will take a much longer time.
  • If you've equipped a BatPack or LapPack this drill and the Mining Drill will deplete that power source instead.
  • If the drill is not fully powered, it will not deplete your equipped BatPack or LapPack and instead continue to deplete its own internal battery.
  • It mines Dirt, Sand, Clay and other soft blocks like a Dia mond Shovel.
  • The Drills make a faint whirring noise when breaking a block.
  • It can be used, from a full charge, 120 times.

Video TutorialEdit

Let's Play - Technic Pack with Adolamin - Ep 9 Diamond Drills and Overclocking!11:05

Let's Play - Technic Pack with Adolamin - Ep 9 Diamond Drills and Overclocking!

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