Logo-EE 40 Dark Matter Hammer is a part of the Equivalent Exchange mod.
Dark Matter Hammer
Grid Dark Matter Hammer
Type Tool
Stackable No
EMC Value 303,104
Mod Included Equivalent Exchange

The Dark Matter Hammer is a more efficient and effective replacement for the Vanilla Pickaxe. When forged, the Dark Matter Hammer can destroy stone and ore faster than a diamond pickaxe and will never break.


The hammer can be charged to different levels by pressing V. By right clicking it when it's charged, the hammer destroys all rock within a certain area. The hammer will not destroy dirt, sand, gravel, clay, water, or lava. All destroyed blocks drop on top of you for easy pick up.

Use of the right-click ability will require fuel such as Mobius Fuel.

All Dark Matter tools have two charge levels. Level of the current charge factors into the block breaking speed of the tool.

Charge level Block destroyed
1 3x3x2
2 5x4x3

The hammer also has two left-click functions, toggled with "G":

  1. Normal Impact Mode: digs one block at a time
  1. Mega Impact Mode: digs a 3x3 area

When this mode is activated, creating the hole will take the time to destroy whatever block you are hitting, regardless of the surrounding blocks.

  • The Dark Matter tools are not enchantable.


Crafting GUI.png

Dark Matter




Dark Matter

Dark Matter Hammer

EMC CompositionEdit

2 x 139,264 (Dark Matter) + 3 x 8,192 (Diamond) = 303,104 EMC

Video TutorialEdit

Teaching Magic Dark Matter19:02

Teaching Magic Dark Matter

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