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Logo-EE 40 Dark Matter is a part of the Equivalent Exchange mod.
Dark Matter
Grid Dark Matter
Type Material
Stackable Yes (64)
EMC Value 139,264
Mod Included Equivalent Exchange

Dark Matter is an extremely expensive, but extremely powerful material added by the Equivalent Exchange mod. All tools made from it are indestructible and faster/more effective than diamond. In addition, dark matter is necessary to make a large number of special items and devices.


Dark Matter Orbs can be crafted as follows:

Once you craft your first Dark Matter you can target it in an Energy Condenser to produce more.

To craft Dark Matter from scratch you require 512 coal, 10 diamonds, 4 redstone dust, and 4 glowstone dust. First, you would craft the Philosopher's Stone using 1 diamond, 4 redstone dust, and 4 glowstone dust. Next, you would craft 128 Alchemical Coal using 512 coal. After that, you would proceed to craft 32 Mobius Fuel with the Alchemical Coal, and then repeat the process with the Mobius fuel to get 8 Aeternalis Fuel . However, you can use 8 charcoal to make Aeternalis Fuel, just by placing them in an Energy Collector's lower slot where you would normally put a Klein Star to charge it-that is, if you have an Energy Collector. If you haven't done so already, use the remaining 9 diamonds to craft a Block of Diamond and then craft your Dark Matter.


Dark Matter is used to produce Red Matter in addition to the items listed below.

Red Matter follows this recipe:

Table of Transmutation for dummies (with a Klein Star).

Matter Amount
Grid Dirt Dirt/Cobblestone/Stone/Sand 2,176 Stacks
Grid Iron (Ingot) Iron Ingots 544
Grid Gold Ingot Gold Ingots 68
Grid Diamond Diamonds 17
Grid Red Matter Red Matter 0.2982...

Video TutorialEdit

Teaching Magic Dark Matter 19:02

Teaching Magic Dark Matter

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