Logo-TC 40 Crystal Wisp contains information about the ThaumCraft mod.
Crystal Wisp
CWisp Earth
Name Crystal Wisp
Health 22
Damage 1
Spawn Everywhere in the free air
Drops Equivalent Vis Crystal or Cracked Wisp Shell
Mob Type Passive

Crystal Wisps are small, floating creatures that resemble a Vis crystal encased in some sort of glowing bubble. Wisps spawn in the free air. Their type is influenced by the fact, which Vis Crystal has the highest concentration in the equivalent chunk. They make a sound like a wind chime while flying around.

All wisps have a lightning bolt attack that deals 1 damage and has a maximum range of 12 blocks. Depending on the type of wisp, the bolt may have additional effects.

Type Effect
Vis Confusion
Air No additional effect
Water Slowness
Earth Poison

Sets entity on fire for 2 seconds



The best way for killing them is with a weapon which works with longer-range-projectiles (e.g. the bow or the Balkon's Weapon Mod's Musket or Blunderbuss), because they can fly over you if you attack them with a near-range-weapon and attack you with their lightning strikes from there. Wisps will drop 1 or more Vis Crystal of their current type or a Cracked Wisp Shell when killed. They will follow you if you atacked them and will push you away if they are trapped.

Tainted wisps will ONLY spawn in chunks that have a particularly high Taint aura (>50%), and will drop tainted Vis crystals. Beware as they are significantly more dangerous than other varieties.


These creatures seem to gather to chunks with high auras (Positive and Negative does not matter) and often float around the source of the high aura. E.g: The player's thaumcraft set up. This makes it good bait to farm their crystals and Cracked Wisp Shells.

If you have Mo' Creatures enabled, other creatures like the Big Cats tend to attack the wisps when they get too close.

Some more visual demonstration: Edit

  • A flying earth Crystal Wisp
  • A flying thaumic Crystal Wisp
  • An attacking earth Crystal Wisp
  • A flying tainted wisp next to a Taint area in the Sphax Pure BDCraft texture pack. Note the black trail it leaves.
The SPC command "/killall 4101" will kill crystal wisps.Edit

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