Crystal Wing
Grid Crystal Wing
Type Transport
Stackable No
Data Value dec. 3100
Mod Included Crystal Wing

The Crystal Wing is both a mod and an item by the same name. It was created by DaftPVF ,the same modder who created the Treecapitatormod, which is also included in the Technic Pack.


Crafting GUI.png

Gold Ingot

Ender Pearl

Gold Ingot


Gold Ingot


Crystal Wing


When you equip and right-click with the Crystal Wing, it teleports you right back to your spawn point, no matter where you are currently standing. You can use it up to seven times before it is destroyed. However, if you have an Alchemy Bag with a Talisman of Repair inside or a working Thaumic Restorer, you can repair the Crystal Wing using those items.

Burning & Burned WingsEdit

The Crystal Wing does not work in other diminsions. if you use it in the End, it will teleport you into the void. Try to use it in the nether and it will cause both the Crystal Wing and you to go up in flames. This will cause the Crystal Wing to turn into a "Burning Wing". As long as you hold it in your inventory, you will not stop burning.

However, if you quickly get back through the gate and jump into water while having the Burning Wing in your inventory, the fire will go out. This will cause the "Burning Wing" to turn into a "Burned Wing" (you can't actually craft this, the grid is only there to show you the item icons):

Crafting GUI.png

Burning Wing

Burned Wing

If you equip and right-click with a Burned Wing, it will send you to a random location within your world. This will consume the Burned Wing.

Video Tutorial Edit

Technic Tutorials 2903:09

Technic Tutorials 29. Crystal Wing (And Variants)


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