Logo-TC 40 Crystal Ball contains information about the ThaumCraft mod.

The Crystal Ball in use

The Crystal Ball is a Thaumcraft artifact that allows you to see what a specific Seal does.


Sometimes it is not obvious what a combination of Runic Essences does. To get around that problem, the player must craft a Crystal Ball. Using it on a seal will reveal what the current combination of runes allows the seal to do.


To create a Crystal Ball, the player combines a Vis Detector with two gold ingots and one sample of each Runic Essence in a crafting grid:

Crafting GUI.png

Runic Essence Air

Runic Essence Earth

Gold Ingot

Runic Essence Magic

Vis Detector

Runic Essence Dark

Runic Essence Water

Runic Essence Fire

Gold Ingot

Crystal Ball


The Crystal Ball also stores a record of all the seals you have discovered so far which can be perused at your own leisure. It also shows which runic essences produce invalid combinations without having to have discovered that fact first.

To open the seal combination index, the player equips the Crystal Ball in the hotbar and rightclicks. The player can then freely select a combination of Runic Essences. Combinations that have not yet been discovered are listed as "You do not yet know what this combinations of seals do.", while combinations that do not have an effect are listed as "This seal has no effect.".

See alsoEdit

  • Seals for the infusion recipes of Arcane Seals and Runic Essences.
  • Seal Combinations for a complete list of all possible seal combinations.

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