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The Crucibles
Block Crucible Block Crucible of Eyes Block Thaumium Crucible Block Crucible of Souls
The Crucible, the Crucible of Eyes, the Thaumium Crucible, and the Crucible of Souls
Name The Crucibles
Type Machine
Physics Yes
Transparency No
Luminance Yes
Tool Grid Wooden Pickaxe
Stackable Yes (64)
Data Value dec.2412, 2412:1, 2412:2 and 2412:3
Mod Included Thaumcraft

The Crucible is the first thing you will need to craft to get started with this mod.

Usage Edit

Objects thrown into the crucible will get destroyed and converted into liquid Vis. The magical value of items differs, but the rarer or harder something is to find, the more Vis it produces. Anything the crucible cannot process, or that is of too little value is simply spit out again. CAUTION! any entity (mobs, player, etc.) will get hurt if they jump in. Crucibles cannot process particularly complex items and it functions best when smelting raw materials or simple crafted items.

Take care not to overfill your crucible. If you throw in too many items, liquid Vis may spill out and will turn straight into Taint that quickly evaporates directly into the atmosphere. The standard Crucible is quite inefficient and only about half of an items inherent magical value is converted into pure Vis. The rest is converted into Taint.

Note: If using the Equivalent Exchange mod alonside this one, one of the best Smelt:EMC ratios is Slimeball. (25 Smelt:24 EMC) Most items give low returns vs EMC. Another good one, although less likely due to its value, is Obsidian (16 Smelt:64 EMC)

Note 2: The bestest smelt - Tall Grass (2 Smelt = 1 EMC) ..200 %  =)

Crucible Edit

The most basic Crucible is crafted by combining a cauldron, a Crystal of any type (except depleted crystals) and a furnace in a crafting grid.

The basic crucible has a standard Vis conversion rate of 50%, which means that 50% of the item's value get converted into Vis, while the remaining 50% get converted into Taint.

Crafting GUI.png

Vis Crystal




Crucible of Eyes Edit

The Crucible of Eyes needs to be researched from Fragments of Lost Knowledge in the Quaesitum. The player can create it in the Thaumic Infuser by infusing a regular Crucible with Spider Eyes and Redstone.

The Crucible of Eyes has a slightly improved standard Vis conversion rate of 60%, which means that 60% of the item gets converted into Vis, while the remaining 40% get converted into Taint.

Thaumium Crucible Edit

The Thaumium Crucible needs to be researched from Fragments of Lost Knowledge in the Quaesitum. The player can create it in the Thaumic Infuser by infusing a Crucible of Eyes with two (separate) Thaumium Ingots.

The Thaumium Crucible has a standard Vis conversion rate of 70%, which makes it the most efficient Crucible. It also does not overflow, preventing wholesale Taint.

Crucible of Souls Edit

This crucible does not burn physical objects to create Vis. Instead it consumes the life force of nearby creatures and converts it into dark energy. This crucible is quite inefficient and produces a lot of Tainted Vis.

The Crucible of Souls needs to be researched from Fragments of Forbidden Knowledge in the Quaesitum. The player can create it in the Dark Infuser by infusing a regular Crucible with Soul Fragment , Ghast Tear, Rotten Flesh and Bone .

Area of Effect

Any mob that is even partially inside of the area will take damage.

This crucible does 1 point of damage to all aggressive and neutral mobs within 5 spaces of it (a cube 11 x 11 cube with the crucible as center). Each time that it does damage it generates approximately 0.4 Vis and 0.6 Tainted Vis (40% Vis and 60% Tainted Vis).

It can store 750 units of Vis. When it is full it spills all excess Vis as ambient Taint and shuts down. For example, if the crucible has 749 Vis, and generates 2 Vis and 3 Tainted Vis, it stores 1 Vis, and spills 4 Tainted Vis (1 Vis plus 3 Tainted), then the crucible stops, it doesn't do damage to enemies and doesn't create Vis until the Vis inside is removed.

Additionally to generating Vis, each time that the crucible does damage it increments the probability to raise the ambient level of Taint.

Improving EfficiencyEdit


A regular Crucible powered by an Arcane Furnace. Both devices are in turn powered by four Arcane Bellows each.

The conversion rate of Crucibles can be improved by a small variety of devices.
  • When one or several Arcane Bellows are placed adjacent to a Crucible, the bellows boosts the rate at which it can smelt items and also slightly improves the efficiency of the crucible, allowing it to produce more Vis and less Taint for each item smelted. However, this effect is almost negligible as of now.
  • When an Arcane Furnace is placed below the Crucible, it greatly improves its efficiency, allowing it to produce more Vis and less Taint for each item smelted.

If you attach additional bellows to the Arcane Furnace, you can improve the conversion efficiency even further. Where one diamond would yield only 32 Vis (50%) and 32 Taint (50%) in a regular Crucible, it will yield 45 Vis (70%) and 19 Taint (30%) in a regular Crucible powered by an Arcane Furnace if both devices are powered by the maximum of four Arcane Bellows each - see the image on the right for the setup. If you use a Thaumium Crucible instead of the regular Crucible, you will even have a yield of 58 Vis (90%) and 6 Taint (10%). It doesn't get much better than that.

Picture Gallery Edit

Video Tutorial Edit

Technic Tutorials 2003:35

Technic Tutorials 20. Crucible

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