Logo-IC2 40 Crop Block contains information about the Industrial Craft mod.

Special crop-growing blocks used to create hybrid blocks. They are placed on tilled ground, and can then have any kind of seeds then grown on them.

Once plants are fully grown, they can either be harvested with the right hand, or destroyed with the left. If they are harvested, the seeds will revert to their ungrown state, and a crop seed will drop. If they are destroyed, a Seed Bag will sometimes be dropped, allowing you to transport and re-plant plants.

Seed bags can be analyzed in a Cropnalyzer.

Plant CareEdit

Cross BreedingEdit

Crop growing blocks can also be used to cross breed crops by placing crop blocks twice on a tilled piece of dirt. This will create a crosshatching effect, and crosses of plants growing on nearby blocks will start to grow on it. The attributes may be mixed accordingly, to provide a better and stronger plant.

See the Farming tips guide for more information about the possible crossbreeds and how to achieve them.


Weeds may also spring up, killing off plants and new strains. This can be prevented by using Weed-EX on the crop block.


Crafting GUI.png








  • Fertilizer can be used to speed up and ensure perfect growth of the crop.
  • Hydration Cells can be used to hydrate the plant for the same effect.

Video Tutorial Edit

Technic Tutorials 5207:49

Technic Tutorials 52. Crop Block

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