Logo-IC2 40 Cropnalyzer contains information about the Industrial Craft mod.

The Cropnalyzer is used to scan Seed Bags. Put seeds in the upper left, a battery in the upper right, and it scans the seeds and tells their characteristics. For a more in-depth scan, put the seed bag through the scanner 3 times.

The first scan will show its finder's name and the plant's own name. The second scan will show more detailed information about the plant (color, what it is (food e.g.), what kind of growth method (stem e.g.)). The final scan will show its Resistance, Gain and Growth. The first two scans don't drain much energy, but a third scan will drain the battery completely.

Once the player knows the characteristics of plants, they can crossbreed. For information about crossbreeding, see Crop Block.

The Cropnalyzer can also be used to identify plants (name only) that are currently planted.


Crafting GUI.png






Electronic Circuit




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