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Crafting Table II is not included in the current stable Technic release.

Crafting Table II, by ljdp, adds another significantly more advanced crafting table. It was continued by Zeldo as Crafting Table III.

Recipe Edit

You can create the Crafting Table II like this:

Crafting GUI.png


Crafting Table

Crafting Table II

Usage Edit

Inspired by Terraria crafting, the Crafting Table II displays everything you can currently craft with the items in your inventory. How much of each item the recipe uses is displayed on the left as well as a description of that item. Click on the item and the Crafting Table II will automatically craft it for you without you ever having to remember the recipes. As you add and remove items from your inventory the list of available items updates. This will work with any recipe, including mods. The Crafting Table II also has an internal inventory where the items you create are put.


The GUI.

It comes with descriptions for vanilla items, RedPower pr4, BuildCraft, Railcraft, Thaumcraft, Equivalent Exchange, Weapon Mod and Moar Nether.


Video SpotlightEdit

Minecraft - Ep01:34

Minecraft - Ep. 08 Crafting Table II Mod

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