Logo-EE 40 Covalence Dust is a part of the Equivalent Exchange mod.

Covalence Dust is used to repair items and armor. It can be crafted in three different tiers; Low (Green), Medium (Cyan), and High (Blue).


Note that the recipe for Low Covalence Dust needs Charcoal; regular coal will not work. The recipe for High Covalence Dust uses regular coal. All three of these recipes are shapeless.

Crafting GUI.png

Iron Ingot

Redstone Dust

Medium Covalence Dust


Crafting GUI.png


Coal (Item)

High Covalence Dust



  • Grid Low Covalence Dust Low Covalence Dust can be used to repair wooden and stone tools, leather and chain armor, and the fishing rod, it can also repair Rubber Boots and is worth 1 EMC per unit.
  • Grid Medium Covalence Dust Medium Covalence Dust can be used to repair iron and gold tools and armor, along with the flint and steel, shears and all gem tools and is worth 8 EMC per unit.
  • Grid High Covalence Dust High Covalence Dust can be used to repair diamond tools and armor and is worth 208 EMC per unit.

All dusts are worth as much EMC as the ingredients used to craft them, no matter what recipe is used. The recipes for making the dusts shown above.

For a listing of all repair recipes, see Repair Recipes. Covalence dust can be used by the Talisman of Repair to automatically repair your tools (Note that there seems to be a glitch where it won't automatically repair gem tools).

Repairing an item typically costs one dust per hide/stone/ingot used when creating it. For example, repairing a diamond sword uses two high covalence dusts, while fixing a stone shovel requires one low covalence dust.

Covalence dust is also used in the creation of Divining Rods, Alchemical Chests and the Talisman of Repair.

Video Tutorial Edit

Technic Tutorials 3-102:20

Technic Tutorials 3-1. Low Covalence Dust (In Depth)

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