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Logo-IC2 40 Copper Cable contains information about the Industrial Craft mod.
Copper Wires

A whole load of Copper Cables.

Copper cables are Tier 1 the most common cable tier.

They are only capable of handling Low Voltage (up to 32 EU/t), however, they suffer the smallest distance-related energy losses out of all the conventional cables.

To create insulated copper cable it must be crafted with Rubber as shown below. Insulated Copper Cables are also used in the creation of Electronic Circuits.

Insulated cables have an EMC of 50, while uninsulated ones have an EMC of 42.

If you equip an Insulation Cutter, you can remove the insulation from Insulated Cables in order to get one unit of Rubber. Conversely, you can right-click an Uninsulated Cable with the Insulation Cutter equipped, you can add insulation to it if you have at least one unit of Rubber in your inventory.

Each packet sent down an insulated copper cable loses 1 EU every 5 cables. Each packet sent down an uninsulated copper cable loses 3 EU every 10 cables (0.3 EU per cable). This can be avoided by using a BatBox or LV Transformer after every 4 cables. Also with any cable, if you split it into different directions each EU packet is split, i.e.; split 2 ways a packet of 32 eu is split to 16 EU to both cables, 4 ways a packet of 32 splits to 8 EU to each cable, ect. This can cause large amounts of energy loss over distances due to the fact that each packet from a split is subject to its own energy loss. You can prevent the packets from being split by using a LV Transformer as the splitter. It will take in the packets and output 32 EU/T to each of its 5 output faces.

Note: copper cable can't be used under water with water mills

Video TutorialEdit

Tekkit - How To Make And Use All Cables (Basics) 10:48

Tekkit - How To Make And Use All Cables (Basics)


Uninsulated Copper Cable Insulated Copper Cable (6x)

Uninsulated Copper Cable to Insulated Copper Cable

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