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Logo-IC2 40 Construction Foam contains information about the Industrial Craft mod.
Construction Foam
Grid Construction Foam
Type Construction
Physics No
Transparency Some when unset. None when set.
Luminance No
Tool Grid Wooden Pickaxe
Stackable Yes
Data Value dec. 2376
Mod Included IC2

Construction Foam is a great material for defense. It can be placed quickly and destroyed easily before it hardens. After it hardens, it has a blast resistance of 60, making it a useful creeper shield. Construction foam can be compressed into CF pellets and sprayed with a CF sprayers. Construction foam hardens quicker in higher light level areas and foam left in darkness will never solidify. When the construction foam has hardened, a painter can be used to color it.

If one right clicks a construction foam block while it's not yet dried with a block of sand, it will dry immediately.

Construction foam can be placed over a cable which will cover the cable without destroying it. Instead, the foam block itself will take on the properties of the wire.

Instead of using a water cell in the crafting of construction foam, a bucket with water may be used instead. This will return the bucket, which saves a little on the empty cell which is otherwise consumed. This method is more labour intensive, however.

When destroyed, either in its dry for or its wet form, it will not drop any item. Also, when it is placed like a normal block, it is placed normally, but when placed from a CF sprayer, it sprays in a large grouping unless it's sprayed on scaffolding.

Construction foam that has not yet hardened does not act like other blocks. It is not a simple matter to jump on top of it or over and it is possible, with some effort, to walk through it. Walking or falling through unhardened CF blocks can cause suffocation damage.


Note: The recipe is shapeless (i.e. any item can go in any square on the crafting grid), and this will consume the Water Cell.

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Construction Foam WallEdit

This is a special type of block that, once compressed and used in a CF Sprayer, can place 13 blocks of foam. This foam takes time to harden, hardening faster if there's more light. If the light level is 0, then the foam will never harden.

Hardened foam is blast resistant and is very useful for creating a creeper bunker. When sprayed onto a scaffold block, the foam will replace the scaffold block and drop the scaffold as an item. This is useful when creating walls and such. Hardened the blocks are paintable with a painter. When sprayed onto wires, construction foam will inherit the properties of the wire it covers.

Also,when used the pick block key,you will see its Unnamed,and it has ID 221.


Video TutorialEdit

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