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Congealed Taint is a material that can be found in Thaumcraft by mining tainted ore blocks. They can be used to create Concentrated Taint.

How to get Edit

Ores in tainted biomes change into blocks with multiple eyes which, when destroyed, give Congealed Taint. No special item is required to extract Congealed Taint from infected ores. It is also worth noting that only the original vanilla ores (that come with the standard unmodified imvu) will turn into the tainted ore block. Vanilla ores include; Diamond, Iron, Coal, Gold, Lapiz Lazuli and Redstone.[1]It is possible to manually place ore blocks (such as iron ore) in a controlled taint zone, and wait for it to convert. In this way you can make a farm.

it needs to be tested more:

  • How much taint is needed? I had an ambient taint of the bare minimum to sustain a taint infected area (just over 3750). I suspect although not confirmed it can be any number.
  • If an ore becomes a tainted ore....will it convert back once the amient taint is lowered?
  • If 10 Vis crystals are planted, how many of them turn into Congealed Taint?


Another, simpler method is to search for taint blocks which seem to have more 'eyes' on them. These blocks have been observed to be created when a vanilla ore gets corrupted (observed: Coal)


Their only use is for the production of Concentrated Taint.

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