Logo-TC 40 Concentrated Vis contains information about the ThaumCraft mod.
This unstable liquid is a highly concentrated form of vis. It will evaporate rapidly on exposure to open air, but fortunately almost all of it will seep into the aura.

Is classified as Lost Knowledge


Usage Edit

It adds 150 Aura to the chunk where used. This is the fastest way to elevate the aura level of a chunk to grow Greatwood

It can be duplicated with the Thaumic Duplicator for 830 Vis , but it can not be destroyed in the crucibles

Random FactEdit

For the operational mechanics of the duplicator, it need 5 times vis that a cauldron would get if you break the item. Then the Concentrated Vis gives you 830 / 5 = 166 vis, if you would break it in a crucible. You need a Glass Bottle ( 2 vis) + Vis Crystal + 140 Vis = Concentrated Vis (166 vis). That makes:

Vis Crystal + 142 Vis = 166 Vis

Vis Crystal = 166 - 142 = 24 Vis

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