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Logo CC 40 ComputerCraft contains information about the ComputerCraft mod.
Computer Mountain

ComputerCraft is a mod for minecraft that adds computer consoles with which you can create complex Redstone switching systems. It uses the scripting language Lua for all of its programming and it is compatible with RedPower, which is recommended for the best experience. For the actual wiki on ComputerCraft go here.


The Computer is the main item of ComputerCraft. The computer can do a variety of things that the player wishes to do, to either organize themselves, play around to take a break in the game world, or create a large system within which the computer is used for input or output. The knowledge of the Lua programming language is not necessarily required, but is recommended to use the computers to their full extent. One of CC's APIs has use for the redstone mod RedPower, which can be used for more complex technological builds in the world of Minecraft.

NOTE: If you are interested in learning Lua to use this mod, there is a basic interactive Lua tutorial made on the ComputerCraft forums, created by Casper.

Disk DriveEdit

The Disk Drive is a way of file storage, and is the only use for the Floppy Disks, as it is used to store data for computers or turtles to use. ComputerCraft has its own FileSystem API that allows Lua coders to utilize them for certain programs, or just use them to port files over to another computer. A fun trick to use is to put a music disc inside the drive to play music using the DJ application.


Everything a computer has and more, these little computers are programmable robots made for your use. A few base programs are "go," "excavate," and "dance." The turtle API allows Lua coders to control them with code. A lot of things can be done with just this one little block.

Lua Functions:  * For a more complete list vist the turtle section of API

turtle.forward() Let the Turtle move forward
turtle.back() Let the Turtle move back
turtle.up() Let the Turtle move up
turtle.down() Let the Turtle move down
turtle.turnLeft() The Turtle turns left
turtle.turnRight() The Turtle turns right slotNum ) The Turtle selects the given Slot (1 is top left, 16 is bottom right)
turtle.getItemCount( slotNum ) Counts how many items are in the given Slot
turtle.getItemSpace( slotNum ) Counts how many items you need to fill the stack in the given Slot
turtle.dig() Breaks the Block in front
turtle.digUp() Breaks the Block above
turtle.digDown() Breaks the Block below Places a Block of the selected Slot in front
turtle.placeUp() Places a Block of the selected Slot above
turtle.placeDown() Places a Block of the selected Slot below
turtle.detect() Detects if there is a Block in front
turtle.detectUp() Detects if there is a Block above
turtle.detectDown() Detects if there is a Block below
turtle.drop() Drops everything of the selected Slot

Wireless ModemEdit

For truly advanced worlds, try building Wireless Modems:


Attach the modem to a computer (shift-click to place it on the side), or craft it together with a Turtle:

These wireless modems are used for wireless interactions with computers, with a distance restriction based on the configuration (default distance of 64 blocks, 16 blocks if there is a thunderstorm). The rednet API allows such types of communication. There are no base programs that use rednet, but anyone who knows about the internet knows the potential of wireless computer communication.


Build lots of monitor blocks, and place them together, and you will see they expand to one contiguous display. If your computer is touching the display, it can be programmed to draw text to this screen, which will be visible to anyone who walks past. Try the monitor out by running the "monitor" program, like "monitor left hello". Try to find the secret program added in 1.31 designed especially for monitors! (Vague Hint: Let's go Solo.)

Note: Monitors were added in a newer version of ComputerCraft, which means they are only obtainable in Technic 7.0+/Tekkit 3.0+!


Some examples of the power of ComputerCraft are:

  • Using a console to control your TNT cannons
  • Using a console outfitted with Minepedia for minecraft help in-game
  • Password locks for doors without redstone
  • Adventure maps
  • Games
  • Use turtles to mine
  • Use turtles to farm wood

... and much, much more.

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