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Logo-TC 40 Complete List of Thaumcraft Items contains information about the ThaumCraft mod.

This page contains a complete list of items and blocks from the mod Thaumcraft.

  • Most of them are maked in Infuser, Dark Infuser or Crafting Table.


Raw MaterialsEdit


Vis Crystal Extracts:


Power ItemsEdit

Researchable ItemsEdit

Lost KnowledgeEdit

  1. Arcane Focus: Air
  2. Arcane Focus: Earth
  3. Arcane Focus: Fire
  4. Arcane Focus: Water
  5. Axe of the Stream
  6. Boots of the Meteor
  7. Charm of Cleansing
  8. Charm of Life
  9. Charm of Vigor
  10. Collected Wisdom
  11. Concentrated Vis
  12. Crucible of Eyes
  13. Crystalline Bell
  14. Dawnstone
  15. Elemental Crusher
  16. Elemental Cutter
  17. Everfull Urn
  18. Goggles of Revealing
  19. Hoe of the Mystic
  20. Inert Carpet
  21. Pickaxe of the Core
  22. Potency Enchantment
  23. Quicksilver Core
  24. Relic Hunter Enchantment
  25. Self Repair Enchantment
  26. Seven League Boots
  27. Shovel of Renewal
  28. Stabilized Singularity
  29. Sword of the Zephyr
  30. Thaumic Crystalizer
  31. Thaumic Duplicator
  32. Thaumic Enchanter
  33. Thaumic Generator
  34. Thaumic Restorer
  35. Thaumium Crucible
  36. Traveling Trunk
  37. Wand of Reversal

Forbidden KnowledgeEdit

  1. Bow of Bone
  2. Brain-in-a-Jar
  3. Brazier of Souls
  4. Charm of Souls
  5. Charm of the Dead
  6. Crucible of Souls
  7. Dark Infuser
  8. Harnessed Rage
  9. Mask of Cruelty
  10. Occultic Enchanter
  11. Soulstealer Enchantment
  12. Vampiric Enchantment
  13. Wand of Bone

Tainted KnowledgeEdit

  1. Advanced Vis Valve
  2. Concentrated Evil
  3. Concentrated Taint
  4. Potion of Purity
  5. Thaumium Reinforced Tank
  6. Totem of Dawn
  7. Totem of Dusk
  8. Vis Purifier

Eldritch KnowledgeEdit

  1. Contained Emptiness
  2. Darkness Generator
  3. Eldritch Keystone: Tlhutlh
  4. Eldritch Mechanism
  5. Eldritch Stone
  6. Inert Eldritch Keystone
  7. Void Bracelet
  8. Void Chest
  9. Void Crusher
  10. Void Cutter
  11. Void Ingot

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