Logo-TC 40 Charm of Vigor contains information about the ThaumCraft mod.
Exclam-mark 40 This article is about Thaumcraft 2. If you are using the stable Technic Pack Release 6.0.7 for Minecraft 1.1, please refer to this page for the article about the old Thaumcraft mod.

2012-05-04 20.11.26

If this charm is kept on your person it will keep you fed and protect you from drowning. Keep in mind that it can wear out and will be destroyed if overused.

The charm is an infused item created using a Thaumic Infuser and must be researched in order to be crafted , is clasified as Lost Knowledge.

The Charm of Vigor may be enchanted with Self-Repair I.

Recipe Edit

Thaumcraft 1


Golden Apple

Raw Fish

Charm of Vigor

Thaumcraft 2

The charm, if kept in your inventory will "feed" you when your hunger bar drops, denoted by a quick eating sound. The charm will also refill your air meter once it reaches five remaining bubbles. The item loses durability when performing each of these functions.

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