Charm of Cleansing
Grid Charm of Cleansing
Type Charm
Stackable No
Data Value dec. 5988
Mod Included ThaumCraft

The Charm of Cleansing cures the player of harmful effects like poison and puts the player out if on fire. It does not protect from direct fire damage. Note that it can wear out and will be destroyed if overused. Similar to other charms, it works if it is in the inventory: it is not necessary to have it in the hotbar. Unfortunately it does not protect from lava damage, but when the players gets out of lava, it will put out the resulting fire.


Possibly the first charm that that can be made, as the Charm of Cleansing is classified as Lost Knowledge.

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Video Tutorial Edit

Technic Tutorials 5602:22

Technic Tutorials 56. Charm of Cleansing (Lost Knowledge)

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