Note: When reporting bugs, please refer to bugs within the Recommended Version of the Technic Pack (6.0.7).


I am finding lots of uranium either exposed to the air or just under the surface. Is this a bug?


  • Placing any BC pipe block corrupts the map and causes the client to crash.

Solution: In your minecraft mods folder, there should be a file called . Rename the file to . This fixes the problem.

  • Transport pipes do not place items into the proper location within IC2 Machines (e.g. a pipe will try to send items into the battery slot of a Recycler)

Equivalent ExchangeEdit

  • Cannot Use Uranium In Equivalent Exchange

Solution: Not a bug. Rather, this is due to EE not being up to date, and thus Uranium Ore does not have an EMC value. Uranium was added to EE in (for MC 1.2.5). The Recommended Build currently uses EE 1.38.

  • If you are depositing items in a Transmutation tablet during a lag spike, you end up with negative EMC.



  • Discovering a town, quitting without saving the map, and then returning to the town will result in a town without buildings, but with villagers and the identity of a town on the civilization finder (X button).

Mo' CreaturesEdit

  • sometimes horses are slower than sneaking unless facing south
    • I removed the Gravity Greaves and my horses went back to normal speed. Try nano suit leggings, or alternate leggings as armour if you plan on wearing your red matter at all. The helmet, infernal armour and hurricane boots do not effect horse speed.


  • Setting NEI mode into cheat mode doesn't let me spawn items!

Solution: Not a bug.

  • Occasionally, typing certain things into the NEI search bar causes weird graphical glitches.


  • Holding down ctrl in a energy collector duplicates the item. (Using tekkit)
  • Holding down ctrl in inventory or a chest and click with scroll button duplicates the item(Using Techic Pack)

There are no zebra, bat-horse, or pegasus monster spawners. (Using dev. build)

Weapon ModEdit

  • While placing a Weapon Mod item into an enchantment table will provide enchantment options and costs, they can not be applied to the weapon. (Confirmed with Musket, Warhammer, Battleaxe, Halberd, Flail, and Knife)

Zeppelin ModEdit

  • While in a zeppelin (not joined to the world) you can not use
    • Any block that opens a submenu, as it will crash the game
    • Doors, as they will crash the game
    • Trapdoors, as one can go through them, even if they appear to be closed
    • Ladders, as they will be rendered useless
  • Placing RedPower sub-blocks onto a grounded zeppelin, and then activating that zeppelin, may change the ID of the sub-blocks (e.g. a wool half-block can turn into cobblestone). This appears to be permanent, even after the zeppelin has been grounded.
  • IC2 devices put in a zeppelin will appear see-through once the zeppelin is activated.
  • If you join a craft to an item that it does not know it will change the texture of it to what looks like sandstone with coal in it. Don't worry, you can re-attach it (this took me 2 hours to do with my quarry)

Rei's MinimapEdit

When you log out, all nether waypoints dissapear.

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