Logo-IC2 40 Booze Barrel contains information about the Industrial Craft mod.
Empty Booze Barrel ig

The Booze Barrel in game.

This container is required to brew beer and rum. It has to be placed onto a Scaffold and then have Water Cells, Hops and Wheat placed inside, or have Reeds inserted for Rum. This can be done holding them in your hand and right-clicking the barrel.

Fermentation will then begin and the outcome will depend on the ratio of the ingredients and how long they've been in there. It can ferment for up to 24 hours (real time).

Using a Treetap on the barrel will stop the fermentation and allow you to fill up Stone Mugs. Once the treetap is knocked off, the fermentation continues.

Drinking beer gives you various benefits including increased movement and mining speed.

Drinking Rum that has been properly fermented (a pretty long time) will give you good effects, such as Resistance and Fire Resistance. Drinking unfermented Rum (spawning it in, for example) will give you negative effects, such as nausea, poison, blindness, and instant damage.


Crafting GUI.png

Wooden Plank

Rubber Wood

Wooden Plank

Empty Booze Barrel


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