Logo-myc 40 Books contains information about the Mystcraft mod.

Books allow players to link to entirely new Ages and come back home safely. Mystcraft currently adds three kinds of books to the game. Notebooks are used in Writing as a repository for all of a player's known Symbols. Linking Books allow the player to link to the exact spot where the book was created, and Descriptive Books lead to entirely new ages.

Types of BooksEdit


The notebook is used to copy symbols from existing Descriptive Books and place them in new Descriptive Books. To craft them, the player places nine sheets of paper in a crafting table in the shape of a square. Once created, they fit in the left side of a writing desk, opening the notebook and revealing its symbols.

Players may copy symbols to the notebook by placing a descriptive book with new symbols in the right side of a writing desk. All unknown symbols will be copied to the notebook instantly. Players may then place a blank Descriptive Book on the right side of a writing desk in order to create their own age. To copy symbols from a notebook to the Descriptive Book, a player simply clicks on the desired symbols and they will appear in the book.

Linking BookEdit

A Linking Book creates a link to the spot in which it was created, providing players a way back home should they decide to link to a new age. Linking books are crafted simply by putting a lone book in a crafting grid. There is currently no way for a player to link to a location within the same age , and so Linking Books are only useful on ages where they were not written.

Linking Books are often overlooked by eager players, but more experienced players know better. Without a Linking Book, a player can be trapped forever on an age. Common practice is to place a Linking Book on a stand as soon as the player links to a new age.

Descriptive BookEdit

Descriptive Books are used by players to reach brand new ages, and by experienced writers to create entirely new ages. Crafting a Descriptive Book requires a book and a feather, in no particular shape. Once crafted, players may link immediately, in which case a new age will be chosen out of the many possibilities. Players who wish to customize their age may instead place the Descriptive Book in a writing desk and copy symbols from a notebook, so creating a customized age.

When using a Descriptive Book, players must be aware of the very high possibility of Decay in unstable ages. Any form of shifting earth beyond sand or gravel is cause for alarm.


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