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Redpower-logo1 Blutricity contains information about the RedPower mod.

Blutricity is the "electric" power of Redpower 2. Blutricity is generated using RedPower Solar Panels (not to be mistaken with IC2 Solar Panels) or Thermopiles. The Blutricity is then transported using Blue Alloy Wire either to Battery Boxes or to Machines that require Blutricity. Currently there's no straightforward way to directly convert either IC2 Power or Buildcraft Power to RedPower Blutricity or back. The clever player may find, however, that it is possible to construct a machine that simplifies generation of one mod's power using RedPower's Blutricity, e.g. using Transposers and Retrievers to automatically place Water buckets into an IndustrialCraft2 Water Mill and retrieve and refill the empty ones.

Machines that need BlutricityEdit

In addition, the Sonic Screwdriver must be charged using Blutricity to function.

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