• Chocohead

    Achievement get

    December 21, 2014 by Chocohead

    Blog posted ;)

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  • Gar1onriva

    Helllllo, Technicites!

    I am Gar1onriva, long-time contributor to this wiki as well as a couple of others.

    I have just started a new Youtube Voltz series called Voltec. It is the spiritual successor to my previous series, Tek-Town. It stars me (Gar1onriva), James (Ninjajimbo) and Hazel (Hazellic).

    I'd really appreciate it if you took a look and liked/subbed/shared/etc.

    I hope you enjoy it.

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  • Builderman0317


    May 30, 2013 by Builderman0317


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  • Mechanixgames

    I have one request to people putting pictures onto this wiki: please put any and all pictures in the "Defualt" texture pack. We assume that is what most people play in, so to avoid confusion, please us defaulted textures.

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  • Maxatron500


    May 6, 2013 by Maxatron500


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  • Dumbtube89

    This is the END

    April 30, 2013 by Dumbtube89

    This is the end of Technic It has dissapered the graves of all the players are here please leave now THIS IS THE END


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  • Ctaylo4320

    My Technic Builds!!

    April 26, 2013 by Ctaylo4320

    Hey guys, this is Caleb.  I just got Technic and discovered Technic Wiki.  So far, I have made one world and played on two servers.  I hope to be able to help anybody with any questions that they might have about the game or any of my builds.

    Hey Technic users, I am back with my first build.  It just so happens to be a forcefield.  I will try to make a video on the creation of this but I can't make any promises.  It took me about 30 minutes to figure it out through YouTube.  At the moment, I feel really bad for the people who started playing the first year it came out.  I used High Voltage Solar Panels for my power source connected to an MFSU with Glass Fibre Cable.  I then preceded to put an EU Injector on top of the glass fibre cable that…

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  • Hankster112

    "Silence fills the empty grave, now that I have gone. But my mind is not at rest, for questions linger on. I will ask, and someone will answer."

    -Gravemind, Halo 2, Post-credits scene

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  • DynCysgodol

    Hello there, fellow Technic players. I've recently been drawn and sucked into this wiki, and am quite impressed/interested in the potential automation of things with buildcraft. I'm going to attempt to create new automation tutorials, and how to make them most effective. Thank you, and goodbye now. (P.s., my minecraft username is apywll.)

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  • ICB Penguin

    ...and Hello!

    March 20, 2013 by ICB Penguin

    As I told you, I now have a new profile. I decided to do this because I have a new Minecraft account, and I wanted to change my name.

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  • EnergyStar


    March 20, 2013 by EnergyStar

    I am moving all my things into a new profile: ICB_Penguin. Goodbye.

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  • RosalineLuck

    New Tutorial

    February 10, 2013 by RosalineLuck

    Just wrote up a nice tutorial on making engine cells using BC and EE. Check it out here.

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  • Xplorer30

    As you might or might not know, I am learning Computer Craft programing once in a while. So I thought about posting some of my programs for anyone interested. Know that these are files that are used by Minecraft game itself, so they don't read too well on text readers.

    To use my files, you need to make at least one Turtle and place in your world. Then download my file and put it in the game save folder for that turtle. It's normally in "(Your Minecraft folder)/saves/(Your game name)/computer/(computer/turtle number)".

    This might be a FAQ, but I will put it here anyway. If your Turtle won't move, place a stack of coal or charcoal in it's inventory and type: refuel all.

    For new version of CC that support it, you can label your turtle, then it w…

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  • Felinoel

    Creeper in hard hat icon

    January 11, 2013 by Felinoel

    Some of you may notice the new creeper in hard hat icon for the site, I uploaded it, couldn't believe we didn't have our own webpage icon yet so figured that should work.

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  • Nethaufer

    Oh Yeah...

    January 7, 2013 by Nethaufer

    I forgot that I was working on the Nuclear Reactor page for the newest version of IC2. Silly me.

    (OMG, you didn't use the word 'Regarding' in the title!)

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  • Gar1onriva

    Helllllo again, my fellow Technic Players.

    I have started a new series in which I will be building a city entirely on Technic SSP (which means no cheats). This city will be fully functioning, with a power grid, plumbing and whatever else I can think of.

    It's filmed in a combination of panning 'timelapse-esque' shots and real-time Technical detail building.

    I've kicked it off by constructing a small electric substation to power the first section of my Technic City.

    I'd appreciate any suggestions or requests of stuff to include.

    Catch you later.

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  • Ravn85

    YouTuber? Maybe.

    December 30, 2012 by Ravn85
    Thatsssssssss A Very Nce Everything You Got There, Shame If Something Were To Happen To It... sssssss...s....s...s...s..s.s.s​ Read more >
  • Hankster112

    As most of you may have noticed, I have been EXTREMELY inactive lately. Why? If you've read my recent blog posts, you'll see they have something to do with my computer crashing, bla bla BLA. Well guess what: Now it won't even turn on. So if one of you has a question or something for me, wait until I say my computer is fixed, ok?

    P.S.: I'm posting this from my sister's mac, ok?

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  • LVreg

    Hello there!

    I just wanted to ask you about your opinion about some of my planned edits of the ComputerCtaft-Pages, just to make sure, that they are okay with the wiki-rules and the original authors of the pages:

    • I want to merge all the pages of the different turtles (which often only have the crafting recipe) in one, main turtle page for a better overview Done, waiting for an admin to delete the old, seperate Turtle pages.
    • I want to edit the ComputerCraft-Mainpage so that it looks like the Redpower/IndustrialCraft counterparts (-> only a short description and a link list to the other pages. The existing descriptions of items will be moved to the corresponding, individual pages)
    • I'm planing to replace/extend Coding with a short but long enough …
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  • EmoTank

    Lots of Edits

    December 15, 2012 by EmoTank

    This may not be the best place to post this, but the large number of edits I've been making (along with several new pages) is part of an effort to clean up the Armor category. I am changing a few things around so only pages with full armor sets are in the armor category. I don't know if this will confuse anyone, e.g. someone looking for Rubber Boots in the category can only find Hazmat Armor, but I feel like more people would know the name "Gem Armor" over "Abyss Helmet," "Infernal Armor," "Gravity Greaves," and "Hurricane Boots." If someone feels that it is necessary to change the category back, go right ahead, but please do not delete the armor set pages, e.g. Apiarist's Clothes (although I've never actually played Forestry and I'm not s…

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  • Goldcat99

    he will be at feed the beast wiki tho

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  • Nethaufer

    I think by now, all of the admins on here automatically ban for six months, sometimes shorter for some cases, other times it is for longer. Here are two cases where I will make it longer.

    Today, I encountered the first case of someone griefing another user's user page. If you grief someone's user page, you will be banned for a year. No exclusions and no getting out of it, unless if another admin decides to do unban you.

    I also found a case where the same person repeatedly griefed the same page during the same day, after each time someone fixed it. You will be banned for a year. If all you want to do involving this site is to damage the information in it, you don't deserve to be here.

    Finally, a case where I will ban someone for a shorter time…

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  • Knightsabers

    Coding Update

    December 7, 2012 by Knightsabers

    I added a new double password program to the Coding page. This is for the ComputerCraft Mod.

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  • Knightsabers

    ComputerCraft Coding

    December 7, 2012 by Knightsabers

    Hello everyone, I am Knightsabers. I am rather new to this wiki, but I have my share to offer; ComputerCraft. I have gotten a few requests to make a coding page for ComputerCraft. I will make one in my free time when I get the chance(if I am not playing Technic :) ). I am not a pro at it, but I will try and make it the best I can. Thanks

    Stay posted here to check if I have uploaded more code!

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  • Nethaufer

    I've noticed quite a bit of vandalism, but that's normal. Obviously some people are going to try and fix it. I've been noticing that people have been 'fixing' it wrong. They just remove the vandal text. This is wrong. You need to go into the revision history and check to make sure that the vandal did not remove text. If they did, and all you do is remove the vandal text, then you lose information. Please check to make sure that they didn't remove any text when they vandalized.

    Thank you, Nethaufer (talk) 16:59, December 3, 2012 (UTC)

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  • Hankster112

    How mods were made.

    December 1, 2012 by Hankster112

    Hello everyone! Hankster112 here with a random blog post. You ever see those mods and wonder "How did this guy come up with the idea for these?" Well, I'll tell you what I think they thought.

    IndustrialCraft: Ugh, I wish there was a more efficient and complicated way to increase ore production and other crap. Yeah, it'll happen by MACHINERY. Wait, machinery has to be powered, so I'll add in electricity too.

    Buildcraft: I don't like how I have to spend MINUTES mining when there should be something doing it FOR me. Yeah, I'll make a mod that adds in machinery that literally takes away the name of the game. I'll also make stuff that drags stuff out of furnaces and into chests, so I don't have to waste 2 seconds of my life taking it out of the f…

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  • Bmster4


    November 26, 2012 by Bmster4

    Hi im trying to make a cow horse and it will make one of the horses i was just breeding. pls tell me why this is happening. thanks

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  • Gar1onriva

    Hello. I am Gar1onriva and I am currently 45 parts into a tutorial series for the subject of this wiki.

    While I have a predecided order in which to feature on videos, I am always open to suggestions and requests from my viewers.

    One thing I should mention is that my series is designed to be 'linear'. By this I mean that someone should be able to watch them from the beginning and understand everything I mention. Because of this, if there is something that requires another object/block, I shall do a video on that first and work my way to the requested thing.

    e.g. Someone requested I feature muskets, but muskets can be added to by an iron knife, so I did a video on Balkon's knives and then muskets.

    If there is anything that any of you would like to…

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  • Marco polo333

    Happy Thanksgiving!!!

    November 23, 2012 by Marco polo333

    At least for those of you in the US.

    I'm too stuffed right now to do anything but sit at my computer.

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  • Mikej155

    artical help

    November 21, 2012 by Mikej155

    hey guys can any of you create an artical about geothermal genaratores mark 2?

    if so great! if not...oh well

    pleez respond!

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  • Hankster112

    MAJOR Technic Bug

    November 10, 2012 by Hankster112

    This blog Post has been deleted by Hankster112, due to the fact that I got up to date with an old backup I had made of that world, realized the blue screens weren't a technic bug, and that the blue screens are fixed (so we think).

    UPDATE: The blue screens are NOT fixed. Our PC still has its' warranty, so someone will come and fix it for us soon. For FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

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  • Denkbert

    Hello everyone,

    starting immediately, this wiki will be using the new Wikia message wall feature instead of the old talk page.

    The message wall provides several advantages over the old talk page:

    • When making a post, users are now asked to provide a title.
    • New posts made to a users message wall will be created as a new discussion thread. Subsequent comments to that thread will be indented to the right, similar to the comment section of regular wiki articles.
    • As opposed to the talk page, the accounts of users posting to a message wall are automatically linked to their profile. Formerly, if a user forgot to sign his post, you would have had to check the talk page history in order to find out who posted a comment to your talk page. Now, you can ju…
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  • EnergyStar

    Wiki Griefers Detected!

    November 7, 2012 by EnergyStar

    I just noticed that someone is going around the wiki deleting pages and replacing them with inappropriate phrases. Whoever is doing it please stop!

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  • Xplorer30

    I am using this blog as a self note, and to share with anyone interested.

    Currently, there is a Technic version 7.3 out. It is for Minecraft 1.42. For me, I had to download the new Technic launcher for this to work. Strangely, for me at least, the new technic-launcher.jar file sits in the "../Application Data" folder, instead of under the "../Application Data/.techniclauncher" folder.

    Update: The current latest as of this blog update is Technic 7.5.2 for Minecraft 1.4.6. It has 60 mods.

    This mod pack contain a number of mods, which I will list as they are shown in the Mods list in the game title screen:

    (MC 1.4.6)
    (for MC 1.4.6)

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  • Hankster112

    Hello everybody! Hankster112 here freaking out a little bit. I saw a comment on the charging bench page saying that they're removing mods from technic due to compatibility and/or nobody really cares about technic anymore and that tekkit is better. I think that's a complete lie, because

    1. Technic has WAY more mods than tekkit, the latter being MUCH funner. (That's a word, right?)

    2. Just because technic doesn't work in multiplayer, doesn't mean it sucks.

    3. Technic is JUST PLAIN AWESOME!!!!1!!!

    So I don't know who that guy thinks he is, but I think he's lying. Technic is NOT falling apart, and anyone who thinks so should be dragged out into the street and SHOT. (Not a threat, a joke, sorta) But is he really right, is technic starting to be negl…

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  • Denkbert

    Hello everyone, we have a number of new tutorials.

    The first ones show you how to make use of the fabulous, under-appreciated mod Logistics Pipes. The tutorials build upon each other and will show you how to create an automatic item processing and sorting system:

    • Base Management 01: Automatic Item Sorting
    • Base Management 02: Automatic Item Processing
    • Base Management 03: Automatic Item Crafting & Remote Ordering

    Now those setups are rather bulky and take up a lot of space. Logistics Pipes features special modular pipes called "Logistics Chassis" which can be equipped with certain modules in order to combine the functionalities of several Logistics Pipes within one single chassis. If you employ a selection of different modules and chassis, you ca…

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  • Hankster112

    Hello everybody! Hankster112 here with a little post. As you all know, this is the week of the year when all the little children go out to people's doorsteps, ring the doorbell 20 times, and beg for that sweet, sugary, legal drug known as "candy". However, this past Sunday they had something much more fearful to worry about. Most of you probably have heard of this new game called "Slender". Get 8 pages and don't get owned by...."it". And if you don't know what "it" is

    ....Now you know.

    I went as the slenderman for Halloween, and scared a good portion of my neighborhood so they freaked out when they came to the door, dropped the candy bowl, and ran. Try it, it works.

    Here's the turnout of MY costume:

    What you think? Leave a comment if you like …

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  • Hankster112

    Hi everyone! Hankster112 here with just a list of things I'm going to attempt to accomplish:

    1. "Finish" most of the "Unfinished" articles.

    2. Get my user rating to at least 10.

    3. Make more Technic Tutorials. (Leave a comment of one that you want to see)

    4. "Fix" some articles with false info

    That's about it for now.

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  • Aliarcy

    Item Templates

    October 30, 2012 by Aliarcy

    Earlier today I knowticed that alot of Industrial Craft2 crop stuff has been added recently or has been updated and I thought that I should update the template except that I knoticed that I needed permission to edit the Ic Navigation template. I just think that a person who does have permission, that it would help people if more content is added to the Navigation templates.

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  • Tops123


    October 25, 2012 by Tops123

    Alright. I got a BatBox, put it down and ran some copper wire from the top for 4 spaces. The rest of the way up I ran gass Fibre. At the top, I place 4 WindMills and a Solar Panel. I went to check my bat box and the power was decreasing! I switched to Creative to test something and I placed 4 more solar panels and my bat box energy was STILL depleting! I'm pretty sure I am doing something wrong and this is no bug. Please help!

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  • Hankster112


    October 23, 2012 by Hankster112

    Hello everyone! Hankster112 here with something I'm a bit confused about. I have something called an "Inventory Sensormodule" and a "Forestry Sensormodule". Anyone have any idea what these things are and what they do? I've searched on the wiki, but nothing came up.

    That is all.

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  • Hankster112

    Hello everyone! Hankster112 here with some exciting news: I have just made the Technic Wiki's lucky twenty-second THOUSANDTH edit. How awesome is that?!

    Before anyone pounds on me, saying I'm bragging, I'm posting this because I can't believe I of all people got this. From a guy who just got sent to the school principle's office today, almost getting suspended, this is pretty awesome! I mean, what were the odds that this would happen? I am so proud of myself! (OK, I guess I'm bragging a LITTLE bit, but still, AWESOMENESS)

    That is all. WOO 20,000!

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  • Portablespider

    I suppose I'm scared

    October 22, 2012 by Portablespider

    I'm really interested in Thaumcraft.

    I still haven't downloaded it or anything. My friend wants me to, but I just don't want to. Maybe it's the monsters. I could play on Peaceful, but that doesn't seem very exciting. I could play with my friend on his LAN world, but then I wouldn't be able to look things up for him. Maybe I'm just reluctant to download the necessary mods? Yes. That's the problem. I suppose I'm scared of that.

    But I'll fix that today.

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  • Ninjapicklesdude

    off topic

    October 20, 2012 by Ninjapicklesdude

    lets be off topic

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  • Hankster112

    Hi everyone! Hankster112 here with a few questions:

    1. How do I become an admin?

    2. How do I improve my rank on the wiki?

    3. What's the safest and most efficient way to build a marble mansion on an ocean?

    That is all.


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  • Hankster112

    This blog has been removed by Hankster112. Sorry for any inconvienience or upsetting I may have caused.

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  • Goldcat99


    October 15, 2012 by Goldcat99

    hey guys im new to the wiki (not realy i just made ancount i have been helping for like a year) and i notesed that most things have no pics now i know there are a lot of things on this wiki but if every time you edit someing you add a pic in like a few months we will have all the pics we need and that way all those things that just need a pic can be untag from uncompleted :) also can some one teach me how to add things like banners and crafting?

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  • Assassinlftnt

    What's happened?

    October 11, 2012 by Assassinlftnt

    Does any know what's happened to this wiki: the Quick find templates have been messed up and the mod links at the top of the page have been removed .Do find out what happend.

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  • Nethaufer

    I don't know about how the other admins will handle things like swearing, but for me, as long as you keep it tame (remember, there may be kids who come to this site) and at least make an effort to keep it censored, I will not punish you.

    HOWEVER, in regards to derogatory insults and homophobic slurs (I really hope I do not need to provide any examples) you will get one warning and the next time I will ban you for an extended amount of time.

    Consider this your first warning, Nethaufer (talk) 16:26, October 11, 2012 (UTC)

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  • Felinoel

    So people keep asking for Lua codes for the Computercraft mod for things like turtles and computers, what codes would be good in a tutorial article?

    • Computer
      • Door Lock
      • Post more suggestions in the comments!
    • Wireless Modem
      • News feed for displaying on monitors
      • Command center for turtle fleets
      • Post more suggestions in the comments!
    • Mining turtle
      • Mine x amount of blocks
      • Mine only certain blocks
      • Dump inventory in a specific location
    • Melee turtle
      • Kill only certain targets
      • Post more suggestions in the comments!
    • Farming turtle
      • Post more suggestions in the comments!
    • Digging turtle
      • Post more suggestions in the comments!
    • Turtle
      • Assign locations to numbers, use numbers as places to trigger noteblocks to play, use turtles playing noteblocks for songmaking. xD
      • Post more sug…
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