NOTE: This is a work in progress and it's also my first wiki page. Feel free give me some feedback and contribute.

Well as everyone knows Technic includes a lot of Mods and sometimes it would be useful to look up the Block IDs/Item IDs associated with them to reduce conflicts. To make this less of a hassle the IDs will be listed here for each release and which Mod is using them.

Technic SSPEdit

Block IDs
Mods or new releases 6.0.7 6.1.0 6.1.1 7.0.0
IndustrialCraft 2 by Ablaka & IC2 220-250
BuildCraft 3 by Spacetoad 153-176
RedPower 2 by Eloraam 136-152
ThaumCraft by Azanor 187-191
ThaumCraft 2 by Azanor - - -
Equivalent Exchange by Pahimar 128-132
Forestry by SirSengir* sorry it is broken
RailCraft by CovertJaguar 209-213
ChargingBench by Drashian 217
Computer by Craft Dan200 207, 208
CCTurtle by Dan200 216
AdditionalPipes by DaStormBringer 179
AdditionalBuildcraftObjects by Flow86 200
IC2 Advanced Machines by Zippinus 124, 125
Crafting Table II by Ljpd 238
Ender Chest by ChickenBones 178
Wireless Redstone ChickenBones 126, 127
Nether Ores by TehCrushes 135
Zeppelin Mod by BlakMajik 133, 134

item IDs to follow


will be added later


will be added soon

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