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Logo-forestry 40 Beehives contains information about the Forestry mod which is not included in the current recommended version of Technic Pack and might be outdated..

Beehives are found in the wild. When broken with a scoop they drop a Princess Bee and up to 3 Drones which can be placed in an Apiary. At night Beehives give off as much light as a block of glowstone under the tree, making it fairly easy to find during dusk.

Hive Biomes Drops
Forest Beehive Many biomes, except jungles

Forest Princess and Drones

Meadows Beehive Hills, plains, swamps Meadow Princess and Drones
Jungle Beehive Jungles Tropical Princess and Drones
Desert Beehive Deserts Modest Princess and Drones
Snow Beehive Snowy plains, snowy hills Wintery Princess and Drones
Rock Beehive Many biomes, except Ocean Rocky Princess and Drones
Water Beehive River, Ocean Water Princess and Drones
Nether Beehive* Nether Nether Princess and Drones
End Beehive* The End
  • ExtraBees only

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