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All these bee genetics can get pretty confusing pretty fast. Especially since every offspring will have its own genome built more or less randomly from both parents. So, if you don't keep crossbreeding the same offspring from that same Forest queen you knocked off a tree ages ago, you will have lots of bees with funny genomes. But where would you get that genome information? Luckily there is the new Beealyzer to help. It provides a non-invasive way to glean every last bit of information from your bees. Just provide a Honey or Honeydew drop to pacify the bee to have everything you ever wanted to know but were afraid to ask at your fingertips.


Carpenter Recipe

Tin Ingot Glass (Pane) Tin Ingot
Tin Ingot Glass (Pane) Tin Ingot
Redstone Dust Diamond Redstone Dust


  • 4 x Tin Ingot
  • 2 x Glass Pane
  • 2 x Redstone Dust
  • 1 x Diamond
  • 2.0 buckets of water

Produces: 1 x Beealyzer

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