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Mo Creatures Bears
Health 25 (12.5 hearts)
Damage 5 (2.5 hearts)
Spawn Grass blocks, near water
Drops Fur
Mob Type Neutral

Bears are similar to Rats in the way they attack - at day, or in high light levels, they are passive, but once they get into a low light level they will become hostile. Bears have quite a bit of health, occasionally being able to withstand a single musket shot. Bears also attack any other weak Mob that they see, like Kitties or Snakes. Upon death they drop Fur like the Polar Bear. However, they no longer drop raw fish.


The Panda is the only bear that is tameable. In order to tame, right-cick on a panda while holding sugar cane. Sugar cane is supposed to be the subsitute for bamboo. You can tame both adults and cubs.

Video Tutorial Edit

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Technic Tutorials 59. Bears