Logo tutorial 40 Base Management 09: All in One Logistics System is a Tutorial.

This tutorial will show you how to create an automatic sorting to crafting system using Logistics Pipes, with no need for Woodend Transport Pipe or Engine.

Note: This system is best for people with a lot of raw material to sort and use up. So if you cannot even afford to make the parts for this system, it is not really suited for you. It would also be best if you understand a little of how Logistics network functions too. Refer to previous tutorials for some basic information, but avoid using the Basic Logistics pipe as your main machine/chest pipe since it has little or no overflow protection.

Required ItemsEdit

Setup - Sorting and MachiningEdit

Important Note: All the intersections in this Logistics System MUST have a Basic Logistics Pipe in it if no existing Logistics Pipe is there. This is the only way to let the system know what to do when an item gets there, otherwise it will be confused and items will get dump out. Just place the Basic Logistic pipe at the interesection without touching its default setting, and don't put any item in its slots.

The whole system is linked with Stone Transport Pipes, unless it is an intersection or machine/chest/crafting table. Also put the Teleport Tether in the floor somewhere to keep all the chunks in your system loaded.

All your Ender Chest or Ender Pouch should have the same color. Put a Logistics Chassis Mk2 pipe on your input chest, and open the pipe up with a Wrench. Then place a Quicksort Module and an Item Sink Module in it. Click the ! mark beside the Item Sink Module inside the pipe and set the Default option to YES. Do not put any items in the slots. The Quicksort module will send items in the input chest to any place in the system that will accept them. And the Item Sink module on default YES will accept any item that bounce back due to overflow.

All your machines will have a Logistics Chassis pipe(mk2 for 1 Extractor mk2 module, mk3 for 2) on top, with Item Sink Module and one or more Extractor Mk2 module. Set up the Item Sink module slot to put in item the machine will be working with. Set the Extractor Mk2 module(s) to extract from the Side instead of default. Macerators will be set to have ores in the Item Sink module, so the quicksort will send those there. Furnace will have dust or whatever you want set in the Item Sink module there. The Extractor Mk2 module(s) will pull out the finished item from the machines.

All your chests will have a Logistics Chassis mk2 pipe on them, whatever side of the chest you feel like is fine. Put an Item Sink Module and a Provider Module in the pipe. In the Item Sink module will be what you want the chest to hold. The Provider module will send out items for Request Pipe, Crafting Pipe, and Supplier Pipe later.

You might want one or more chest to have a Polymorphic Item Sink Module in it instead of just Item Sink module. The Polymorphic Item Sink will put whatever that was already in the chest there. For example, if you have gems in the chest, all of those type of gems will be send there without having to set them indvidually with Item Sink slots. But this also could get messed up by Provider module taking all of those items out. In that case, you have to set the Provider module to leave 1 of each item in the chest.

For any unwanted items, you can send them to a Recycler or Energy Condenser. Just place a Logistics Chassis mk2 on either of those and put a Terminus Module in it. Set the extra item in the Terminus module that you want to be recycled or converted to EMC. For the Recycler, put in a Extractor Module mk2 as well set to take Scrap out from the Side.

Setup - Crafting and RequestingEdit

(to be done soonish)

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