Logo tutorial 40 Base Management 00: Compact Automatic Item Sorting & Processing using Logistics Chassis is a Tutorial.

This tutorial will show you how to create an automatic item sorting and processing system using using machines from Industrial Craft, pipes and engines from BuildCraft, and advanced logistics chassis and modules from Logistics Pipes.

As opposed to the setups in Base Management 02: Automatic Item Processing and Base Management 03: Automatic Item Crafting & Remote Ordering, the setup shown below has the advantage of requiring much less space. The Logistics Chassis and the different modules we are using do require much more crafting materials, though.

Required ItemsEdit


Setting up the basic item sorting systemEdit

1. Place an Ender Chest. Put a Wooden Transport Pipe right behind it and connect that to a Basic Logistics Pipe. Place a Slow Electric Engine behind the Wooden Transport Pipe, connect it to an energy source (I am going to use a couple of solar arrays for this setup) and place a lever besides it.


2. Place as many chests as you need for your sorting system. Make sure that you use chest types that are suitable for the amount of items you want to store (Diamond Chests for dirt or cobblestone, for example). Place a Logistics Chassi Mk2 behind each chest and a block on top of each chassis. We will use the block later to mark which items go in which chest. Use regular Stone Transport Pipes to connect the Logistics Chassis to the Basic Logistics Pipe from step 1.


3. Equip a Wrench and rightclick on the first Logistics Chassi Mk2. Put an ItemSink Module into the upper slot and a Provider Module into the lower slot.


4. Click on the exclamation mark to the left of the upper slot to open the settings menu of the ItemSink module. Place the items that you want to have sorted into the connected chest into the "requested items" slots. Repeat that for every chest.


5. Don't forget to name your chests!


Setting up the item processing systemEdit

6. Place a chest with a large enough inventory (preferrably a Gold Chest or a Diamond Chest), then place a Logistics Chassi Mk3 behind it and connect it to the Logistics Chassi Mk2 from steps 2 to 4.


7. Equip a wrench, rightclick on the Logistics Chassi Mk3 and place three ItemSink modules into the slots.


8. We will now add all items that need processing into the required item slots of the ItemSink Modules. Make sure that all items that are to be processed are not featured in your regular sorting system.

If you also have Forestry installed, you should include most of the following items:

For the Macerator:

  • Gold Ore (vanilla)
  • Iron Ore (vanilla)
  • Silver Ore (Redpower)
  • Tin Ore (Redpower)
  • Copper Ore (Redpower)
  • Tin Ore (Industrial Craft)
  • Copper Ore (Industrial Craft)
  • Tin Ore (Forestry)
  • Copper Ore (Forestry)

For the Electric Furnace:

  • Cinnabar Ore (Thaumcraft 2)
  • Nether Coal (Nether Ores
  • Nether Diamond (Nether Ores
  • Nether Gold Ore (Nether Ores
  • Nether Iron Ore (Nether Ores
  • Nether Lapis Lazuli (Nether Ores
  • Nether Redstone Ore (Nether Ores
  • Nether Copper Ore (Nether Ores
  • Nether Tin Ore (Nether Ores
  • Raw Porkchop
  • Raw Chicken
  • Raw Beef
  • Raw Fish
  • Egg (vanilla)
  • Ostrich meat
  • Ostrich egg

For the Extractor:

  • Rubber Wood Logs (both from Redpower and Industrial Craft)
  • Sticky Resin

Depending on how many items you want to process, you might need a Logistics Chassi Mk4 - or you could connect two Logistics Chassi Mk2 (much cheaper) with two ItemSink Modules each instead, whatever works best for you.

9. Place a Wooden Transport Pipe to the right of the chest from step 6, put a Redstone Engine with a lever behind the Wooden Transport Pipe and place two Basic Logistics Pipes above the chest as shown below. Equip a Wrench, rightclick on the Basic Logistics Pipe above the chest and set the option "Default Route" to "Yes".


10. Place a Macerator, an Electric Furnace and an Extractor to the right of the chest. Connect all three machines to an energy source.


11. Place one Logistics Chassi Mk2 on the Macerator and the Extractor each, and a Logistics Chassi Mk3 on the Electric Furnace.


12. Place an ItemSink Module and an Extractor MK2 Module into the module slots of the Chassi above the Macerator.


13. Click on the exclamation mark to the left of the ItemSink Module. Place all ores you want to have macerated into the "Required Items" slots.


14. Open the Chassi screen once again and click on the exclamation mark to the left of the Extraction MK2 Module. Then set the extract orientation to "Side".


15. Equip a wrench, open the Logistics Chassi MK3 above the Electric Furnace and place two ItemSink Modules and one Extraction MK2 Module inside of it. Open the menu of the Extraction MK2 Module and set the extract orientation to "Side", like in step 14.


Then, open the ItemSink Modules menu and place the following items into the "Required Items" slots:

  • Gold Dust
  • Iron Dust
  • Silver Dust
  • Tin Dust
  • Copper Dust
  • Cinnabar Ore
  • Raw Porkchop
  • Raw Beef
  • Raw Chicken
  • Raw Fish
  • Egg
  • Ostrich meat
  • Ostrich egg
  • Nether Coal
  • Nether Diamond
  • Nether Gold Ore
  • Nether Iron Ore
  • Nether Lapis Lazuli
  • Nether Redstone Ore
  • Nether Copper Ore
  • Nether Tin Ore

16. Place an ItemSink Module and an Extractor MK2 Module into the Chassi above the Extractor, just like in step 12. Open the menu of the Extractor MK2 Module, and set the Extraction Side to "Side". Open the menu of the ItemSink Module and place the two different kinds of Rubber Wood and Sticky Resin in the required items slots.


17. Place a chest to the right of the machine, place a Logistics Chassi Mk2 besides it and connect that Chassi to the Chassis of the three machines. Equip the wrench, open its menu and put two ItemSink Modules into the slots.


Open the settings menu of the ItemSink modules and put the following items in the required items slots:

  • Gold Ingot
  • Iron Ingot
  • Silver Ingot
  • Copper Ingot (Industrial Craft)
  • Tin Ingot (Industrial Craft)
  • Quicksilver
  • Steak
  • Cooked Porkchop
  • Cooked Fish
  • Cooked Chicken
  • Ostrich cooked
  • Omelet
  • Rubber
  • Coal
  • Diamond
  • Lapis Lazuli
  • Redstone Dust

Make sure that you place the Copper Ingot and the Tin Ingot from Industrial Craft into the item slots. This is necessary because the setup will grind down all ores into dust first, which, when cooked, turn into ingots from Industrial Craft. The last four items are from the Nether Ores.


18. Place a Wooden Transport Pipe with a Redstone Engine and lever next to the chest. Connect the Wooden Transport Pipe to a Basic Logistics Pipe and use regular Stone Transport Pipes to connect the Basic Logistics Pipe with your regular sorting system.


You now have a very compact setup for automatically sorting and processing your items. Refer to this tutorial if you also want to have remote crafting capabilities. You can skip the first two steps of the tutorial, since the Provider Modules we used in step 3 already provide the functionality of the Provider Logistics Pipes.

Accelerating the item processingEdit

You can use Overclocker Upgrades to make the processing machines a bit faster. To do so, place them in the upgrade slots of the corresponding machines, like in the upper right part of the screenshot below. Note that the upgrades can be stacked. I recommend you only use about five or six upgrades per machine, as the upgrades also increase power consumption.


See alsoEdit

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