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MillenaireTempIcon Bandits contains information about the Millénaire mod which is not included in the current recommended version of Technic Pack and might be outdated.

Outlaws (or Bandits) spawn four at a time in front of a small tower.

There are two different types of bandits: There are the Armored Bandits. They have Iron Armor and Iron sword and can take a hard beating. They drop their armor. Then there are the Archers which have Bows and a Wooden sword. They drop the Bow.

The tower has a downstairs with a room with four beds and four chests containing some loot. From Norman broadsword to drinks. Behind the tower under stone bricks there are two melons.

When you kill all the bandits you can find a wand of negation that makes the bandits never come back. but if you dont use it they will come back in a couple of days.

You can use the wand of negation by right-clicking it on one of the blocks of the tower.

Bandits can be customized with the millenaire-custom that can be accessed by using WinRAR. You can change what weapons they carry and their health. Changing their armour is more difficult, as you may need to add a line to their stats saying that they will wear it. The line is:


This line can also be used to give a bandit a bow or secondary weapon. To do this type this line:


Or for a secondary weapon:

StartingInv=(weapon or tool)

It also must be noted that bandits cannot use weapons or armour from another modpack. If you type an unusable item then the bandit will spawn empty handed and will lose all his or her armour. (This has no effect on the bandits health) The bandit will only do 2 and a half hearts of damage.