Logo tutorial 40 Automation 8: EU in the Nether: A Guide to Nearly Infinite Power is a Tutorial.
Logo-IC2 40 Automation 8: EU in the Nether: A Guide to Nearly Infinite Power contains information about the Industrial Craft mod.

Hello and welcome one and all! This is going to be a short guide on how to get nearly infinite EU from the Nether. It uses components from Buildcraft and Industrial Craft 2. I will be asuming that you know the basics of Minecraft, that you are able to follow the links that I include, and that you can use the search bar on this wiki.

Requirements (Scroll down to see complete list)Edit

  1. 1 Pump
    1. 1 Mining Well
      1. 6 Iron Ingots
      2. 1 Iron Pickaxe
      3. 1 Iron Gear
      4. 1 Redstone
    2. 1 Tank
      1. 8 Glass
  2. 1 Geothermal Generator
    1. 4 Glass
    2. 2 Refined Iron
    3. 2 Empty Cells
      1. 4 Tin Ingots
    4. 1 Generator
      1. 1 Furnace
      2. 1 Machine Block
        1. 8 Refined Iron
      3. 1 RE Battery
        1. 4 Tin Ingots
        2. 2 Redstone
        3. 1 Insulated Copper Cable
          1. 3 Copper Ingots
          2. 1 Rubber
  3. 1 Waterproof Stone Pipe
    1. 1 Stone Pipe
      1. ​1 Glass
      2. 2 Stone
    2. ​1 Pipe Waterproof
      1. ​1 Cactus Green
  4. Engines

Basic Requirement ListEdit

  1. 23 Iron Ingots
  2. 6 Sticks
  3. 1 Cactus
  4. 13 Glass
  5. 8 Tin Ingots
  6. 3 Copper Ingots
  7. 1 Rubber
  8. Engines (what type is up to you but I suggest 3 Redstone Engines, a single Steam Engine or (my favorite) the Electrical Engine)

Recommended ItemsEdit

  1. Plenty of Cobblestone
  2. More Waterproof Pipes
  3. Cables
  4. An MFE or MFSU
  5. Energy Crystals
  6. Armor
  7. Bow and Arrows
  8. Chests
  9. Energy Crystals or Batteries (LOTS OF BATTERIES)
  10. Alchemy Bag


  1. Make everything listed in the requirements section (follow the links if needed)
  2. Prepare to go the Nether (Armor, bow, cobble, etc.)
  3. Find a lava lake that you can get the pump above (the pump block creates the pump tube underneath it and it can go all the way to bedrock so I recommend that you get close to the middle)
  4. Place pump and engines
  5. Attatch pipe to the pump
  6. Attatch the Geothermal Generator to the pipe
  7. Turn on Engines

This works because the lava can be pumped directly into the geothermal generator and it produces power that can be used for powering the batteries or crystals. I suggest that you protect your set-up from ghasts by using cobblestone.

I have suggested that you bring an alchemy bag. This is only if you are using batteries or have lots of pumps and generators set up.

2012-05-11 20.39.29

To the right is my current set-up. I am using 1 pump to feed 4 generators and when they are full it pumps to the tanks on the far right. I have cables going from the generators to MFSUs and those charge my power crystals. I also have some power being used to power the electrical engine that runs my pump.

If you want, and are farther in the game, you can use a tekkit ender chest (I don't think the vanilla ones transport through different dimensions) to transport lava back. and then pump t out of the ender chest in your lab.

I hope this guide has helped and feel free to message me or post on this page with any questions or suggestions of things for me to try.

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