Logo tutorial 40 Automation 3: Low Entry-Cost Diamond Generator Using Bone Meal is a Tutorial.
Redpower-logo1 Automation 3: Low Entry-Cost Diamond Generator Using Bone Meal contains information about the RedPower mod.
This tutorial will show you how to create an efficient diamond generator (or any item that can be generated by Equivalent Exchange, for that matter).

Required itemsEdit

 • Dirt
 • About a stack of wood, cobblestone or stonebricks for the case
 • 5-10 Bone Meal to get the machine going
 • 1 Diamond for the actual diamond generation

 • 1 Lever
 • 12 Fences for the posts (optional)
 • 1 Deployer
 • 1 Filter
 • 4 Transposers
 • 2 Energy Condensers
 • 19 Redstone Tubes
 • 5 Jacketed Wires
 • 2 Red Alloy Wire or Insulated Wire
 • 1 Timer


1. Create a dirt mound three blocks high as shown in the picture below. Make the top layer 5x5 blocks and be sure that the bottom layer connects to grass.


2. Wait until grass growth has spread over the whole mound.


3. Remove the two bottom layers, we only needed those for the grass growth. Place a Deployer directly below the center of the 5x5 layer and use a Screwdriver to orient its front face upwards.


4. Time to build the case. Instead of wooden planks, you can basically use any building material you want, excluding any and all materials that are translucent. This means no stairs, no slabs, no doubleslabs, no glass ... you get the point.


5. When you construct the upper side of the case, leave four holes as shown in the picture below.


6. Place a Transposer in each picture and use the screwdriver to orient their front side downwards (they show downwards if the little hole is on top).


7. Place an Energy Condenser at ground level and connect it with Redstone Tubes to all four transposers. This will be the primary energy condenser.


8. Place a Filter with its front facing the energy condenser and connect it to the deployer using redstone tubes. Use the screwdriver to correctly align the filter, if necessary.


9. Add a second energy condenser and connect it to the redstone supply line from the transposers. This secondary energy condenser will create the diamonds.


10. Connect the redstone tube supply lines between the transposers and the energy condensers and between the filter and the deployer to a Jacketed Wire, lay the cable to the ground and use a Red Alloy Wire to connect it to a Timer. Place a lever behind the timer so that you can switch the whole installation off.


11. Place a couple of bone meals in the deployer.


12. Place one bone meal in the filter.


13. Place one bone meal in the destination field of the primary energy condenser and fill all but six of the inventory fields with non-convertible materials - glass panes are recommended, as they are easy to obtain and cheap to produce.


14. Place one diamond in the destination field of the secondary energy condenser.


15. Set the timer to 0,200s.


That's it! This machine will produce about one diamond every minute and should provide you with the starting materials to get a more advanced installation of Energy Collectors and Antimatter Relays started.

How it worksEdit

When bone meal is placed on a grass block in total darkness, all flowers and grass that would have been created in normal daylight will instantly be removed instead, leaving behind collectible flowers as well as flax seeds and regular seeds.

We make use of this by having a deployer automatically place the bone meals, thus generating a certain amount of flowers and seeds, which are then vacuumed up by the transposers. The transposers use the redstone tubes to move the flowers and the seeds to the first energy condenser, which converts them to generate more bone meals. Those bone meals are then extracted by the filter and supplied to the deployer for placement.

As the bone meals are generated faster than they are withdrawn by the filter, we have a certain surplus that gets directed to the second energy condenser once the first one is full (we use glass panes as placeholders in step 13 to speed this up). The second energy condenser then uses the surplus items to generate diamonds.

In earlier versions of Equivalent Exchange, Indigo Flowers did not have an EMC value yet, which made it necessary to filter them out, or they would have clogged up the energy condensers. The version of EE that is included in the currently recommended Technic release 7.2 does assign an EMC value, so there is no need for such a filtering setup any longer; the corresponding parts have therefore been removed from this tutorial.

Expanding the setupEdit

If you want to achieve optimum efficiency, you should expand the planting section to an area of 9x9 blocks with the deployer placing the bone meal right on the middle block. You will need five additional transposers placed as shown in the image below to cover the complete area.


WARNING: Due to the nature of EMC production in this machine (the creation of a high volume of flowers) this machine can cause extreme lag if scaled too large. When scaled to a factor of 5 this machine can almost completely crash the game within 10 minutes.

Ingredient breakdownEdit

Below you can see a complete breakdown of crafting ingredients (not including scaffold). This should give you a good idea of all the raw materials you will need to complete the entire project.

Complete list of basic crafting components:

  • 13 Diamonds
    • 17 if you include 3 for diamond mining pick and 1 for use in energy condenser
  • 8 Copper Ingot
  • 62 Redstone Dust (or 42 Redstone Dust / 20 Nikolite Dust)
  • 8 Obsidian
  • 32 Clay Ball
  • 3 Tin Ingot
  • 22 Iron Ingot
  • 66 Cobblestone
  • 2 Gold Ingot
  • 50 Wood block
  • 4 Sticks
  • 10 Stone
  • 8 Sand
  • 8 Coal
  • 2 Charcoal
  • 3 Glass

Crafting components of individual items:

Things that might not have been mentioned:

See AlsoEdit

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