Logo tutorial 40 Automation 1: Low entry-cost, maintenance-free, full automatic diamond generator is a Tutorial.

This tutorial will show you how to set up a rather low-entry cost, efficient and fully automatic diamond generator using components from BuildCraft, Thaumcraft, Equivalent Exchange and Logistics pipes. The design was developed by libajto and posted to the Technic SSP forums, where you can also download a Minecraft flatworld map with a working setup. (see the weblink at the very bottom).

Please note that this setup does not work with newer builds that use Thaumcraft 2.



1. Place the four Thaumic Duplicators in a straight line.


2. Remove eight blocks of dirt under and in front of the duplicators.


3. Place the Vis Crucible in a line with the duplictors at two blocks distance. If you can afford it, you should consider using a Thaumium Crucible.


4. Remove three blocks of dirt as shown in the picture.


5. Place a Vis Conduit line from under the crucible as shown in the picture.


6. Place another Vis Conduit line on the backside as shown in the picture.


7. Place the final Vis Conduit line above the duplicators as shown in the picture. Make sure that none of the three conduits intersect with each other.


8. Place four Redstone Engines as shown in the picture.


9. Place one Wooden Transport Pipe above each Redstone Engine.


10. Use your Buildcraft Wrench to orient all Redstone Engines towards each Wooden Transport Pipe above.


11. Place an Iron Transport Pipe above each Wooden Transport Pipe. After that, connect the Iron Transport pipe to the outer left to a Stone Transport Pipe.


12. Use your wrench to align all Iron Transport Pipes so that the items flow straight to the Stone Transport Pipe on the left. Your pipe setup needs to look exactly as in the picture below, or the generator won't work.


13. Place a chest as shown in the picture and connect it with another Stone Transport Pipe to the pipe setup from step 12.


14. Place a chest in front of the crucible as shown in the picture. Put two blocks right beside it and place a lever on the upper block.


15. Go to the other side. Place a Wooden Transport Pipe on top of the Crucible so that it connects to the chest. Place an additional block next to the crucible and put a Redstone Engine on top.


16. Place a block directly in front of the Wooden Transport Pipe. This will make sure that all items drawn from the chest fall right into the crucible.


17. Dig a trench in the form of a straight line as shown in the picture.


18. Lay Red Alloy Wire in the trench and connect it to the lever.


19. Place the Energy Condenser above the trench as shown in the picture.


20. Dig a hole to the right of the leftmost chest, put a Redstone Engine in it and place a Wooden Transport Pipe on top.


21. Place the third chest at a distance of two blocks to the Energy Condenser. Put the Insertion Transport Pipe in front of the Energy Condenser and connect it to the two other chests with Stone Transport Pipes as shown in the picture.


22. Place the Provider Logistics Pipe to the right of the Energy Condenser.


23. Place the Supplier Logistics Pipe below the rightmost chest and connect it to the Provider Logistics Pipe with a Stone Transport Pipe. Select your Wrench and perform a rightclick on the Supplier Logistics Pipe.


24. Place four obsidian blocks in the "Items to keep stocked" field.


25. Perform a rightclick on each Thaumic Duplicator and put a diamond in the field to the upper left. Leftclick once on the arrow icon to make sure that the diamond stays in the field after performing a duplication process.


26. Rightclick on the Energy Condenser and place a diamond (or other items that can be converted into EMC) in the large inventory field. Put some obsidian in the field to the upper left.


27. This will directly convert all items in the inventory field below into obsidian.


28. The setup is now functional. Hit the lever and watch it churning out diamonds!


How it worksEdit

This generator makes use of the fact that obsidian blocks generate lots of Vis when being thrown into a crucible. The Provider and Supplier Logistics Pipes make sure that the obsidian blocks are thrown into the crucible at a constant rate. The Vis Conduits feed the Thaumic Duplicators from three sides, thus making item duplication three times faster. The duplicated diamonds are then being redirected to the Energy Condenser which uses the diamonds to create more obsidian. Once the inventory of the Energy Condenser is full of obsidian, the duplicated diamonds are being redirected to the output chest, where you can withdraw them for other purposes.

In the beginning when the Energy Condenser's inventory is not quite full, it is possible that all the obsidian blocks get withdrawn without new ones being generated. At this time, there should be already about 8-20 diamonds in its inventory. You have to place an obsidian block in the single field to the upper left to convert all diamonds into obsidian. You might have to do this two or three times until the generator can run autonomously.

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