Logo tutorial 40 Automation 13: Milk Diamonds out of Cows is a Tutorial.

This tutorial will show you how to create a diamond generator that harnesses the endless milk supply of Minecraftian cows. The setup was inspired by this Youtube video, and I added a Railcraft-based cow delivery system on top of it.

Required itemsEdit


1. Place an Energy Condenser. Put one Filter on each of its sides.


2. Use the Screwdriver to orient the filters towards the Energy Condenser - the little opening has to be on the outside. After that, perform a Right Click on each Filter and place an empty bucket inside of its inventory.


3. Use an Iron Handsaw (or any other type of handsaw) to create eight Wooden Plank Covers.

Crafting GUI.png

Iron Handsaw

Wooden Planks

Wooden Plank Slab


Crafting GUI.png

Iron Handsaw

Wooden Plank Slab

Wooden Plank Panel


Crafting GUI.png

Iron Handsaw

Wooden Plank Panel

Wooden Plank Cover


Hold the Crouch button (usually Shift) and place one Wooden Plank Cover on each of the four filters.


4. Hold the Crouch button again and place one block of dirt on top of the Energy Condenser as a placeholder. Place on stone brick (or any other structure material of your choosing) on top of it.


5. Place four Filters around the stone brick from step 4, and use the Screwdriver to make sure that they all face upwards as shown below.


6. Place four Deployers on top of the Filters from step 5, and use the Screwdriver to make sure that they all face inwards as shown below.


7. Use Pneumatic Tubes to connect the Deployers on top with the Filters at the very bottom as shown below.


8. Place two Wooden Plank Covers on one of the Pneumatic Tubes as shown below. Place a second Energy Condenser in front of that tube, with a distance of at least one block.


9. Perform a Right Click on the Energy Condenser and place an empty bucket into its target slot at the top left. Then put glass panes into the inventory space so that they act as placeholders - you will need about one and a half stacks of glass panes in total. Leave the first eight or nine inventory slots free for the conversion process. Then throw in some gold or one or two diamonds so that the machine can start producing more buckets when you switch on later.


10. Place Redstone Tubes as shown in the pictures below and connect them to both Energy Condensers. Make sure that the Redstone Tubes don't connect with the regular Pneumatic Tubes from step 7. Then place a diamond in the target slot of the second Energy Condenser.


11. Place four Jacketed Wire (the Screenshot below shows Wooden Plank Jacketed Wire) as shown in the picture below to connect the Filters, the Deployers and the Redstone Tube. Repeat this on the other side; if you are unsure about the placement, refer to the bird's eye view screenshot below.


12. Place eight glass blocks on top, leave a hole in the middle.


13. Place stone bricks on top of the glass blocks from step 12 as shown below. The circle stone brick should be placed directly above the hole between the glass blocks. At the left side, place a stone brick column that is parallel to the Pneumatic Tubes on that side.

Then, place a sticky piston with one block distance from the circle stone brick. Use the screwdriver to orient the piston towards it.


14. Place a Cart Dispenser in front of the circle stone brick as shown below. Use an Industrial Craft Wrench to orient it, if necessary. Then, place a Filter directly behind it, with the Filter's front side facing the Cart Dispenser.


15. Put a regular chest at the bottom of the stone brick column and use Pneumatic Tubes to connect it to the Filter from step 14.


16. Place nine glass blocks on top as shown below.


17. Place an Invert Cell besides the sticky piston so that the piston is powered by its active side. Place a Repeater directly behind the Invert Cell and perform a total of four Right Clicks on it.


18. Run a Red Alloy Wire from the Repeater over the Filter, lay it down across the stone brick column, and put a stone button at the bottom of the column as shown below.


19. Place a Red Alloy Wire on the same block as the bottommost Jacketed Wire (from step 11), place some additional Red Alloy Wire in front of it, and put a Timer in front of the wire. Place a lever in front of the Timer so that you can deactivate the machine. Set the timer interval to 0,200 seconds.


20. Place to additional glass blocks on the construction from step 16. Place stone bricks as shown in the three pictures below.


21. Place regular tracks on the stone bricks from step 20. This will be the transportation system for getting cows into the machine.


22. Place at least four Powered Rails at the bottom side of the slope from step 20 and 21. This will give the carts with the cows enough boost to reach the top of the machine. Place a redstone torchh besides the powered rail at the bottom to keep the rails active.


23. Connect a couple of regular tracks to the slope from steps 21 and 22, then place a Boarding Track, and then some more regular tracks. Put a block with a button next to the boarding track. Make sure that the arrow on the boarding track is pointing into the direction of the slope. If it isn't, use the Crowbar to change its direction.


Active the machineEdit

24. Place a minecart at the end of the tracks from step 23, equip wheat in your hotbar and lure a cow into the minecart. It might take you several tries before the cow gets trapped in the minecart.


25. Push the minecart with the cow on the boarding track from step 23. Then push the button to send the cart into the milking machine. This will cause the cart to fall into the top of the machine (see the second picture below).


26. Push the button next to the chest on the left side of the machine. This will activate the contraption from steps 13 through 18, which will remove the minecart and cause the cow to fall into the center of the machine.


27. Flip the lever that is inhibiting the timer to start the machine.


The machine will then start up and first produce lots of buckets. Once there are enough buckets in the system, excess milk buckets will be redirected to the second Energy Condenser where they will be converted into diamonds. This system will produce lots of diamonds at a very fast rate.

How it worksEdit

This diamond generator makes use of the discrepancy between the EMC values of an empty bucket (768 EMC) and a milk bucket (849 EMC). The deployers milk the cow using the buckets, the filters below draw the milk buckets out of the deployers and direct them into the first energy condenser. The condenser uses the milk buckets to create even more empty buckets, which are then redirected back to the deployers.

Once the inventory of the first energy condenser is continuously full, more and more milk buckets will get redirected to the second energy condenser, where they will be used to create diamonds (or any other EMC-dense item).

The cow delivery system uses the boarding track and the powered rails to send the cow into the opening on top of the milking machine. Upon pressing the button on the left, the cart dispenser will remove the minecart and send it back into the regular chest the bottom left. Then the sticky piston will remove the block below the cow for a short time, allowing the cow to fall into the milking area.

Once the system is running, it will produce a diamond about every ten seconds.

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