Logo tutorial 40 Automation 2: Cobblestone Generator is a Tutorial.
Redpower-logo1 Automation 2: Cobblestone Generator contains information about the RedPower mod.

This tutorial will show you how to set up a basic Cobblestone Generator using only components from the Redpower mod. You can expand this setup for a variety of purposes, including, among others, a diamond generator.

Bill of MaterialsEdit

 • 2 Buckets of Water
 • 1 Bucket of Lava
 • 10 non-flammable blocks of your choice (I'll be using Stone Bricks)

 • 1 Lever
 • 1 Chest
 • 4 Block Breaker
 • 14 Red Alloy Wire or Insulated Wire
 • 1 Timer
 • 9 Pneumatic Tubes
 • 1 Screwdriver


1. Dig a hole as shown in the picture.


2. Place one non-flammable blocks right in the middle on two other blocks as markers at the two edges as shown in the picture.


3. Empty the water buckets on each marker block at the sides.


4. Empty the lava bucket on the block in the middle. The blocks adjacent to the lava source will instantly turn into cobblestone.


5. Place a Block Breaker on each Cobblestone block.


6. Use your Screwdriver to align the Block Breakers downwards.


7. Place five additional blocks as shown in the picture, thus sealing the surface.


8. Place a chest and connect it the output of the Block Breakers with Pneumatic Tubes.


9. Put Red Alloy Wire on all sides of the Block Breakers and their neighboring blocks. Place four additional blocks in front of the generator and hook it up with a lever and a Timer as shown in the picture.


10. Rightclick the Timer and set the intervall to 1.200s. This will ensure that the Cobblestone blocks get mined as soon as they spawn.


How it worksEdit

Cobblestone blocks get spawned only when flowing lava is being met with water either from above or from its sides. A lava source block that comes into contact with water turns into obsidian, while water turns into regular stone , when lava falls on it from above. This is the reason why the water sources are sideways in step 3 and 4.

The Block Breakers remove the block right in front of them each time they receive a Redstone signal. Therefore, we connect all Block Breakers to the Timer, which in turn is connected to a lever with which you can turn on the whole generator setup. As it takes roughly 1,2 seconds for new Cobblestone to get generated, we set the Timer to 1,200s.

This simple setup yields an average of 160 Cobblestone per minute. Of course, if you expand the generator, you can significantly increase your output.

Further usesEdit


Expanding the setup is actually pretty easy. You just have to expand the hole to a trench 3 blocks wide, and place a non-flammable block every other block for your lava sources. Place water sources on the outside, and place the Block Breakers, Wires and Pneumatic Tubes as shown in the picture.


Diamond GeneratorEdit

If you replace the chest with an Alchemical Chest and place a Gem of Eternal Density inside it, you can use the generated Cobblestone to create diamonds. You can also pipe the Cobblestone directly into an energy condenser.


As Cobblestone has an EMC value of 1 and Diamond has an EMC value of 8,192, it would take the simple four-block-breaker setup from the tutorial above approximately 50 minutes to create one diamond. With every additional block breaker, you speed up the conversion process significantly, so it pays to scale up.

If you can't afford the dark matter needed for the gem of eternal density, but still have at least 6 diamonds and 4 obsidian, make an Energy condenser instead of an alchemical chest. The down side is that an energy condenser can handle only handle 71/2 of the cobblestone generator squares described above, while the alchemcal chest and gem of eternal density can handle much more. The Cobblestone can also be put into an Antimatter Relay, which will burn all of it directly into EMC.

See AlsoEdit

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