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Logo-BC 40 Automatic Crafting Table contains information about the BuildCraft mod.
Automatic Crafting Table
Block Automatic Crafting Table
Type Machine
Physics Yes
Tool Grid Wooden Axe
Stackable Yes
Mod Included Buildcraft

The automatic crafting table is a special version of the crafting table. Besides it's ordinary function it can also be used to make automatic 'assembly lines'. Items are piped in from any direction, and the result of the recipe is piped out with a wooden pipe. The recipe is determined by the items placed in the crafting table grid.

For example, a diamond pickaxe can be made automatically by placing 2 sticks and 3 diamonds in the correct slots on the crafting table. These items should be left in here unless you want to change the recipe used. Sticks and diamonds then need to be either piped into the table or put in manually. When there is enough materials for 2 pickaxes, a pickaxe will be piped out with a wooden pipe and engine. The 'recipe deciding' materials will be left inside the table.

An automatic crafting table can also use items stored in an adjacent chest in order to complete the recipe.

The automatic crafting table doesn't require any source of power.

Crafting GUI.png

Wooden Gear

Wooden Gear

Crafting Table

Wooden Gear

Wooden Gear

Automatic Crafting Table

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