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basic setup 1-3 lasers

Logo-BC 40 Assembly Table contains information about the BuildCraft mod.
Assembly Table
Grid Assembly Table
Type Machine
Physics Yes
Tool Grid Wooden Pickaxe
Stackable Yes
Mod Included Buildcraft

The Assembly Table is used to craft late-game BuildCraft items, including Pipe Wires, Gates, and Redstone Chipsets. It will not function by itself, however, as it requires Lasers to be installed and powered nearby.


Assembly Table GUI

The Assembly Table GUI. 64 each of diamond, gold, and redstone have been placed in the Assembly Table. This Assembly Table is currently assembling a Redstone Golden Chipset, and has Redstone Diamond Chipset queued.

Upon right-clicking the table, a GUI appears with two panes separated by a bar. Raw materials are placed in the slots on the left. All items that can be assembled with the materials given will appear in the right-hand pane. Clicking on any of these will mark it for assembly. Multiple items can be marked for assembly, and the table will alternate between them. You do not select the number of items to assemble - the table will continue to assemble items until the resources you have given it are used up. The bar in the middle indicates the progress of the current assembly process.

All recipes are shapeless. It doesn't matter where you place the items in the GUI; as long as all are there, the result item(s) will appear on the right-hand side.

By itself, an Assembly Table cannot do anything. To assemble items you must place one or more Lasers within 5 blocks of the Assembly Table including diagonally. The laser requires power from engines to work. A Steam Engine will power a laser but a Combustion Engine is required for any reasonable efficiency. It is possible to have multiple lasers focus on one assembly table, and one laser will alternate between multiple tables if they all have items marked for assembly. When an item is assembled it will pop out into the world, and despawn in 5 minutes if not picked up. However, if you place a container or pipe next to the Assembly Table, the item will be placed in the container or pipe instead.

This item is not to be confused with the Automatic Crafting Table, and it cannot craft normal item recipes. It is a completely separate item with its own set of recipes.

More valuable items require more MJ and time to assemble than basic items. Generally, it takes a few minutes for each process, but depending on your setup, it can take much longer (e.g. if you use Steam Engines or a single Combustion Engine) or shorter (many lasers powered by an array of Fuel-burning Combustion Engines).


The Assembly Table is fairly costly, requiring 5 diamonds, plus you will need at least 2 more diamonds for a Laser before you can use it.

Crafting GUI.png






Diamond Gear




Assembly Table

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