Logo-EE 40 Archangel's Smite is a part of the Equivalent Exchange mod.
Archangel's Smite
Grid Archangel's Smite
Type Tool
Stackable No
EMC Value 280,828
Mod Included Equivalent Exchange

The Archangel's Smite is an alchemical power item that consumes Dirt and Cobblestone to produce massive quantities of arrows. Unlike an ordinary bow, these arrows have the power to pass through the localized time field produced by a Watch of Flowing Time. In addition to this, these arrows are created rapidly.

Arrows are used first, and are worth a single arrow. 14 dirt or cobblestone yields 1 arrow. If you have a charged Klein Star, the Archangel's smite will just generate arrows at 14 EMC per arrow from the Klein star, before it uses any raw materials it finds.


Crafting GUI.png


Dark Matter



Iron Band



Dark Matter


Archangel's Smite

EMC CompositionEdit

4 x 48 (Bow) + 2 x 48 (Feather) + 2 x 139264 (Dark Matter Orb) + 2012 (Iron Band) = 280,828 EMC each.


You may charge the Archangel's Smite by pressing V, causing it to rapidly consume arrows or resources. Left Click will attempt to fire a "shotgun" volley of 10 arrows, while Right Click will perform a much more direct single-arrow.

Pressing G or R while charged will unleash a stream of arrows until either key is pressed again, consuming your charged arrows as it goes.

When fired, the arrows will actively seek out targets, even over great distances.


  • Arrows fired from this object track over distance but get confused at close range. Minimum distance seems to be 2 meters.
  • You seem to be able to shoot enderman if you don't look directly at them.
  • When single firing the weapon with Right Click, normal rules apply. Mobs in the damage animation will reflect the arrow which will normally track to another adjacent mob or orbit the target until they hit again. If you are the nearest entity, the arrows will target you.
  • Volley Fired arrows will track in a single mass. On rare occasions, arrows not able to connect will find other targets.
  • Domesticated animals like horses and turtles are targeted by Archangel's Smite! Take extra caution around your livestock, pets and friendly mobs like villagers!
  • Because of its extremely high D.P.S and unflawed accuracy it is technically the most damaging weapon in the mods included in the technic pack.

Video SpotlightEdit

Equivalent Exchange - Archangel's Smite04:13

Equivalent Exchange - Archangel's Smite

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