Logo-TC 40 Arcane Singularity contains information about the ThaumCraft mod.
Arcane singularity

Combining Alumentum and Nitor in an Infuser creates an Arcane Singularity.

Arcane Singularities are highly energetic and highly unstable because of the combination of Vis and Taint in a single item. The slightest jar will cause it to explode. The explosions rips open a tear in the fabric of reality causing a rift  which draws in anything nearby and creating a time lock, making the items nonexistent, sometimes dropping them as items, sometimes blocks.

Triggering an Arcane Singularity will initially cause the aura level to rise in the current chunk, then the taint level will also increase some too after it's run it's course and vanishes. It would take several dozen of them used in the same chunk for any biome changes to take place.



It is used in several crafting recipes. Its most common use is fuel in an Arcane Bore.

Just like in the original Thaumcraft, the arcane singularity can be thrown by right clicking, and will bounce along the ground before erupting with a black hole like effect. (Visual effects are similar to the death of the Enderdragon). It will break and suck in blocks around it, as well as entities, (including the player). It will cause damage.

Video Tutorial Edit

Technic Tutorials 8102:08

Technic Tutorials 81. Arcane Singularity

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